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Things I wanted to get off my chest before the New Year

31 Dec

Somebody PLEASE tell Kandi to stop wearing those godforsaken shirts that look like vaginas. I’ve ranted on twitter since the start of the RHOA season. She needs a friend on that show that will tell her she needs to step it up. Does she see how Sheree glams up for her one-on-ones? Get it together Kandi.

The internet was kind enough to have removed or simply ignored Kandi’s shirts, categorizing them as pornography. But any viewing of a RHOA marathon will piss you off as much as they have me.

I really had a problem with Rihanna this year. Including her invading my brain in the morning.  I really felt some kinda way when I woke up with “oh nana, what’s my name” kept playing on repeat as I woke up. But, alas. I guess it stems from the fact that I really had a problem with Rihanna on Eminem’s last hit song, The Way you Lie.  Now nearly two years ago this February, we lambasted Chris Brown for his domestic violence attack against Rihanna. Both suffered publicly. So, when Rihanna comes back singing / cosigning on a song with Eminimen that condones and encourages violence against a woman, or your partner for that matter, I was more than a little pissed off. These are the lyrics specifically that I had a problem with:

If she ever tries to fucking leave again
I’mma tie her to the bed
And set the house on fire

Simply inappropriate. And this is when I start looking at Rihanna with a side-eye for the role she played in her situation. I’m not saying it’s right….but did she learn anything from the situation. Like….it’s not right to condone domestic violence in your music, right…..

And briefly, the #HoSitDown award goes to…..Keri Hilson. Take your halfway ’empowering’ Pretty Girls Rock somewhere while you expose your vagina for the world to see in those trashy videos. You’re not my hero. You’re talented, but I’m offended that you think I’m a gynecologist.

I'm not qualified, nor do I want to inspect your ladyparts Ms. Hilson

And the #DoBetter award goes to Fantasia. Sorry boo.

Somebody needs to help Fantasia out.


#MusicMonday The Alison Carney + CityLife Project

27 Dec

I’ve met Alison Carney once, and sat in the audience of her performances a few times. Quite a few times. Enough to call myself a fan. She’s got a voice, and it should be celebrated. But this post isn’t about Alison singing, it’s about a partnership between her and CityLife, a new social networking medium that has recently launched in Washington, DC. {www.citylife.com} Touted as a Social Saving Network, CityLife is a reward program and a travel guide, using coupon distributions, news letters, e-blasts and virtual tours to better connect businesses with consumers.

Alison and CityLife have recognized that artists of today, be they musicians or visual, have truly embraced the digital age by completelyimmersing themselves in the latest in technology, specifically social media. At the same, these new media have also embraced today’s artists by giving them an array of free tools – creating a synergistic relationship that allows the two the spread their messages organically, albeit technologically.

Enter The Alison Carney + CityLife Project, a new and exciting music-based viral partnership where Alison will engage the Washington, DC area (DC, MD, VA) music community, specifically aspiring producers, for a three month (January, February, and March of 2011) competition that will be hosted on CityLife’s social media platform.

Starting Wednesday December 1, aspiring producers will be able to upload beats to www.citylifecard.com with the hope of Alison selecting their music which, if chosen at the end of each month, will be released the following month as a “digital-only” exclusive on www.citylifecard.com and www.efmusicgroup.com. Overall, the project will allow Carney to show her love of and support for her hometown and its music community while also providing a powerful way of fostering local talent.

Photo Credit: EFMusicgroup.com

It wouldn’t be a MusicMonday if i didn’t hit you off with a link for new music from Alison. Check Japanese Candy

Alison is freshly signed to EFMusicGroup – The Expressive Frontier – a boutique label.  And here are links to her in the cyberworld.


There’s Got to Be Something Wrong with Me

10 Dec

No real crisis over here, but seriously – I haven’t remotely been excited about the fact that T-mobile recently sent me a new phone. Those of you close to me or that follow me on twitter know that I’ve been having phone issues lately. Problems sending emails, pictures, receiving texts. Don’t make me get started on the trackball. Epic #FAIL! Basically, making the phone useless, or pretty close to it. But since I was still under warranty, they sent me a new phone and not just the same model, but they upgraded me to the newest Blackberry to come out! Whooohoo!

But I’m not that excited.

Nor am I excited about the Michael Kors handbag still sitting in a box from Rue La La. And I got a good deal on it. I should have ripped that out of the box. But I didn’t!

Maybe I’ll save that excitement for the weekend!

What does have me excited is the following quote:

Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move. -Osho

Fall Makeup Trends

18 Oct

Focus on Lips

There’s no reason to carry your summer makeup routine into the new season. I asked my friend, Kim Riley, founder/ creator/ proprietor of FSL Cosmetics for a few tips on fall makeup trends.

I met Kim on Twitter and we formed a bond. At the start of this year, I attended her product launch.  Since then, she’s kept me abreast of the new developments with FSL Cosmetics including partnering with The Diva Lounge in DC. It’s amazing to see what she has accomplished in just this year. Most recently she partnered with Born Again Vintage by B.Artise to present “Where Natural Beauty Meets Eco-Fashion.”  during NY Fashion Week. Her skill, personality, and drive make Kim Riley one to watch and certainly a go-to source for cosmetic consultation.

Take tips from Kim to make sure you give your best face this season.

HIAH: What are the new makeup trends for the fall?

Women are starting to incorporate more shades of purple into their makeup kits.  A great way to get started is to purchase FSL Cosmetics “Purple Luv” lipstick.  It’s a beautiful, exotic purple color with a delicious white chocolate aroma.

Another trend is the fiery, red lip.  You can’t go wrong with a sexy red lip, such as FSL Cosmetics “Seduction” lip gloss, to compliment an all-black ensemble.

HIAH: What will be the easiest look to achieve?

Either look can be easily achieved.  If you’re the busy, woman on-the-go and you don’t have a lot of time to recreate your favorite makeup artist’s look, you can always stick with neutral colors for the eyes/face and just add some color to the lips.

HIAH: What FSL Cosmetics products are good for the fall?

Purple Luv, Seduction, Coco Bronze, Mz. Berry, Chocolate Kiss, and Vino

FSL Cosmetics Shares Fall Makeup Trends| Photo Credit: FSL Cosmetics


HIAH: When is FSL Cosmetics launching an expanded line?

Within the next 5 years, women can expect to see many components (foundations, powders, eye shadows) from the FSL Cosmetics full-color cosmetic line launched.  Once I complete the cosmetics line for women, I will then launch a men’s skincare line, FSL Platinum.  Currently, all of my natural and eco-friendly lipsticks and lip glosses can be purchased via the FSL Cosmetics on-line store www.fslcosmetics.com and Peppermint Park www.peppermintpark.com

Launched in 2010 by chemical Engineer and Cosmetic Chemist, Kimberly Riley, FSL Cosmetics encourages women worldwide to use multifaceted products that are healthy and will allow women to enjoy the Feel, Smell, and Look of its products. FSL Cosmetics incorporates exotic Brazilian fruits, vitamins and antioxidants to help protect the lips from harsh elements and improve its current condition.

Disclaimer:  The FCC wants me to tell you that I received complementary products from FSL Cosmetics in order to review and promote them.

Halloween Hijinks: Tips for Choosing A Kickass Halloween Costume

8 Oct

Who are you going to be for Halloween?

Pop Culture Influences Costume Choices

Yes, it’s that time! If you’re smart, you’re probably already thinking about your Halloween costume. Depending on where you party, nurses and mere Superheros don’t quite cut it. People go IN. Don’t wait til the last minute, plan now and be the best lil pop culture reference at the party.  Be sure to consult Facebook pictures for what people did last year and not #fail with a passé costume.

I stopped by my favorite little costume shop in Southeast DC last month and it got me thinking about All Hallows Eve, which is more like a fashion show than a Horror show. I failed horribly at my last attempt at a Halloween costume. If I’m gonna do it this year, I had to put some thought into it.

Costumes are expensive people. That’s why I encourage you to work within your own closet versus going out and investing too much in a “once in a year” (possibly one time only) outfit. But if you’re going to purchase a costume tho- GO BIG! In visiting Backstage, I saw a sexy Avatar costume consisting of a blue leotard complete with a tail.  Cost: $80 bucks. No thanks, I’ll pass.

Movies, News, & Pop Culture continue to be a popular source for Halloween costumes. This year, I predict that twitter will give more fodder for costume seekers – particularly users who follow the hijinks of “twitter celebs.”

Celebs with physical stunts are easier to replicate think about makeup and/or accessories that might be needed. How would you replicate the acne on Chippy D (Montana Fishburne’s) hindparts? Just asking.

Wigs are simple. If you’re a tall girl, throw one on with a tight dress and some big rings and turn yourself into Wendy Williams.  Practice your stance and don’t forget the beef jerky. Oh, and stuff your bra if necessary.

While he’s a good candidate – being Mel Gibson for Halloween would be hard. What would you do? – Run around yelling at people ?!?! Consult a recent mug shot to get the right look.


Crazy Mel - Photo Credit: TMZ


Gents, forgo the store bought costumes for a suit in your closet and get your boys together to recreate a scene from Takers.

Ladies, choose a character from For Colored Girls, get your crew together and practice a monologue or two.

Other pop culture references I expect to be hot this Halloween are…

Nikki Minaj:  Nikki’s given us so many looks that it wouldn’t be difficult to come up with something.


Photo Credit: NecoleBitchie.com


Fantasia: Think hospital gown, short wig, messy makeup.

Lady Gaga, which should be simple. See Nikki Minaj above.

Kat Stacks, hated, but go for it.

Janelle Monae: She gives you a uniform, get with it.

Guys, I haven’t forgotten about you. Think –

Rick Ross – for big belly brothers. With a beard and gold chains.

Trey Songz – for slim dude with a hat and a suit.

LilDuval: with an Adidas suit on, or a onesie, if you can find it.


Lil Duval's Twitter background pic


And for couples who can’t seem to do anything without one another, dress up with these ‘young in love’ examples. Swizz Beats & Alicia Keys, Carmelo Anthony & Lala, or Tip and Tiny < now that’s scary!

After Halloween, I’d really love to see your pictures! If you pulled off one of these looks, or got some inspiration from this post. Send ’em to me via email: TheOriginalNajeema {at Gmail}