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Halloween Hijinks: Tips for Choosing A Kickass Halloween Costume

8 Oct

Who are you going to be for Halloween?

Pop Culture Influences Costume Choices

Yes, it’s that time! If you’re smart, you’re probably already thinking about your Halloween costume. Depending on where you party, nurses and mere Superheros don’t quite cut it. People go IN. Don’t wait til the last minute, plan now and be the best lil pop culture reference at the party.  Be sure to consult Facebook pictures for what people did last year and not #fail with a passé costume.

I stopped by my favorite little costume shop in Southeast DC last month and it got me thinking about All Hallows Eve, which is more like a fashion show than a Horror show. I failed horribly at my last attempt at a Halloween costume. If I’m gonna do it this year, I had to put some thought into it.

Costumes are expensive people. That’s why I encourage you to work within your own closet versus going out and investing too much in a “once in a year” (possibly one time only) outfit. But if you’re going to purchase a costume tho- GO BIG! In visiting Backstage, I saw a sexy Avatar costume consisting of a blue leotard complete with a tail.  Cost: $80 bucks. No thanks, I’ll pass.

Movies, News, & Pop Culture continue to be a popular source for Halloween costumes. This year, I predict that twitter will give more fodder for costume seekers – particularly users who follow the hijinks of “twitter celebs.”

Celebs with physical stunts are easier to replicate think about makeup and/or accessories that might be needed. How would you replicate the acne on Chippy D (Montana Fishburne’s) hindparts? Just asking.

Wigs are simple. If you’re a tall girl, throw one on with a tight dress and some big rings and turn yourself into Wendy Williams.  Practice your stance and don’t forget the beef jerky. Oh, and stuff your bra if necessary.

While he’s a good candidate – being Mel Gibson for Halloween would be hard. What would you do? – Run around yelling at people ?!?! Consult a recent mug shot to get the right look.


Crazy Mel - Photo Credit: TMZ


Gents, forgo the store bought costumes for a suit in your closet and get your boys together to recreate a scene from Takers.

Ladies, choose a character from For Colored Girls, get your crew together and practice a monologue or two.

Other pop culture references I expect to be hot this Halloween are…

Nikki Minaj:  Nikki’s given us so many looks that it wouldn’t be difficult to come up with something.


Photo Credit: NecoleBitchie.com


Fantasia: Think hospital gown, short wig, messy makeup.

Lady Gaga, which should be simple. See Nikki Minaj above.

Kat Stacks, hated, but go for it.

Janelle Monae: She gives you a uniform, get with it.

Guys, I haven’t forgotten about you. Think –

Rick Ross – for big belly brothers. With a beard and gold chains.

Trey Songz – for slim dude with a hat and a suit.

LilDuval: with an Adidas suit on, or a onesie, if you can find it.


Lil Duval's Twitter background pic


And for couples who can’t seem to do anything without one another, dress up with these ‘young in love’ examples. Swizz Beats & Alicia Keys, Carmelo Anthony & Lala, or Tip and Tiny < now that’s scary!

After Halloween, I’d really love to see your pictures! If you pulled off one of these looks, or got some inspiration from this post. Send ’em to me via email: TheOriginalNajeema {at Gmail}


Janelle Monae Brings Arch Android Back to DC (+ videos)

7 Sep

Janelle Monae on Tour with of Montreal this Fall, Returns to DC September 13 and 14th

Janelle Monae returns to DC on September 13th at the 9:30 Club to perform hits from her well heralded release, Arch Android.  I’ve covered JM before, from her high energy performance of Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy or questioning how original her style is.  One thing I won’t question is her talent.

SPIN Magazine writes,

Monae’s debut full-length, The ArchAndroid, was given nine out of 10 stars by SPIN. “Monáe can really sing; she could follow in Beyoncé’s designer pumps if she wanted, but she’s clearing a new path for black female entertainers,” we wrote. “She’s venturing so far away from soul that she’s come back around to it.”

In case you haven’t seen it, here is JM’s latest, Cold War.

JM will be on tour with a band that I only recently became familiar with, of Montreal, of the Athens pop-scene.  They’re not complete strangers to people of a darker hue –  more mature musical pallets have been familiar with of Montreal for some time now. Recently, they performed a new Mayfield-inspired track “Sex Karma” on Jimmy Fallon with (drumroll please) Solange Knowles.

WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING ON HERE ? Photo Credit: Suite903.com

{As much as I’d like to post this video for you, it simply won’t take, so, maybe the fact that Of Montreal performed in white face will encourage you to watch the video here. }

Originality in Uniform?

12 Jul

In a recent interview, Janelle Monae, who I happen to like, addressed rumors of her homosexuality, which I could care less about, by discussing her fashion choices.

If you’re unfamiliar, Ms. Monae, she wears what she calls a ‘uniform’ – a black suit, tie, and ‘saddle shoes.’

But I’m gonna throw a lil shade….how is this original? What I remember about wearing a uniform was that I didn’t have to think much about what I was going to wear.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I kinda like the gimmick. And in R&B these days, everybody’s gotta have something.

Perhaps there’s originality in the simplicity and the repetition.

I don’t think this detracts from Janelle Monae, her music is phenomenal. I would like to see her do something else … original. Not head shaven original. Her hair is original enough.

I want more pics like this:

Janelle Monae in something colorful. Photo Credit: http://colinresponse.wordpress.com/

Soul artist Janelle Monae. Photo by Dave Ellis / Tony Simmons

#MusicMonday Vid: Janelle Monae Performs Let’s Go Crazy

28 Jun

A style all her own.

Janelle Monae Shines in Prince Tribute

Nothing less than an ELECTRIC performance from the young lady with the big hair and the unique style.  She brought out more James (Brown) during this performance, including a twist on the “I did it so hard you have to carry me off stage.”

Pick up Janelle Monae’s latest CD:

The Archandroid in Stores & Online NOW