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100 Things that Make Me Happy

19 Jan

This is an assignment for #31dayReset from Happy Black Woman.com – Day13

It took me over one month to develop this list, and that makes me kinda sad. I kept my journal close to record the joys that I found in each day. Somedays brought more revelations than others.

Nevertheless, here are the 100 things that make me happy.

1. Caking
2. Being in love
3. Sunshine on my face
4. Days at the beach
5. Wearing sunglasses at the club
6. Kisses on the neck
7. Hersey Kisses with Almonds
8. The feeling I get when I complete a difficult task
9. The feeling I get when I achieve a far off goal
10. Spitting Jay-Z lyrics
11. Live music and concerts
12. Memories of Sade in Madison Square Garden
13. Being mistaken for a New Yorker
14. Laughter from babies
15. My mother's smile
16. Hugs from my daddy
17. Long passionate kisses
18. My Sorority
19. Writing letters
20. Writing poetry
21. Hot Chocolate on a cold day
22. Walks with the one I love
23. Recording music
24. Giving someone something they need
25. A good releasing cry
26. Discovering a new route
27. A fresh hairdo
28. Public speaking
29. Chillin by the pool
30. Laying out
31. Reading a good book
32. Orgasmic sex
33. A black man in a well fitted suit
34. Dancing
35. A good workout
36. Comfortable Uggs
37. A warm blanket on a cold day
38. Having an item that makes me stand out
39. Giving something to the one I love
40. Watching Seinfeld
41. Watching Track and Field
42. Being treated like a lady
43. Handbags
44. Singing
45. Spelman College
46. Smell of Egyptian musk
47. 600+ Thread count sheets
48. Opportunities to dress up and take cute pics
49. Puppies
50. Gerber daisies
51. Inspiring quotes
52. Learning about ancient cultures
53. Art and art appreciation
54. Calla Lilies
55. Connecting with new people
56. Getting love from the DJ
57. New technologies
58. Cocoa butter gel
59. Passion fruit (juice, scent, all of it)
60. Slow dancing
61. A scenic drive
62. Masquerade parties
63. Cinnamon gum, red hots, and disc candy
64. Rags to riches movies
65. Coming home to a made up bed
66. Comfortable cords
67. Creative craft projects
68. Crossing things off my to do list
69. An unexpected meal when I'm hungry
70. Dancing babies
71. Unexpected refunds
72. New jack swing music
73. "Happy Little Clouds" art teacher on WETA
74. Celebrtiy gossip from Wendy Williams and TMZ
75. Rechargable batteries
76. Punctual dates
77. Sitting with my grandmother
78. The MJ effect in the clubs (excitment when an MJ song comes on)
79. Traveling carnivals
80. Funnel cakes
81. Pizza with mushrooms
82. A new charm on my charm bracelet
83. Root beer
84. Snorkeling
85. Cookies and cream ice cream
86. Lemonade iced tea
87. Boiled peanuts
88. Memories of being a tomboy-climbing trees, riding bikes
89. Funny family stories
90. Symbols of my hometown, Charleston, SC
91. Memories of my CMF crew
92. Hair appointments that start on time
93. Mimosas
94. Sleeping late with no place to be
95. No car payments
96. A day without spending any money
97. Things that sparkle
98. Driving fast
99. Old episodes of dance shows like Soul Train and Dance Party USA
100. Social media

My Bucket List

16 Dec

The premise: You’ve learned that you have 6 months to live. How will you spend that time and make the most of your life?

Here’s my bucket list. Hopefully, I’ll get to most of these before a hypothetical diagnosis forces me to.

Visit the Seven Wonders of the World

Cruise the Mediterranean


Find my biological parents

Go Skinny-dipping

Drive cross-country

Publish a book

Become fluent in 3 other languages (Spanish,French, Italian) and have the opportunity to use those skills.

What’s on your bucket list?

If I didn’t have a time limit, (you’re gonna die in 6 months) here are some more things that I’d set out to accomplish:

Read the Bible in its’ entirety; take Breakdancing classes; be a good skateboarder; learn to snowboard well; take tasteful nude photos.

If this bucket list seems small it’s because I am developing a larger list of goals for regular life activities.  This post has been an exercise for the 31 Day Life Reset Challenge on http://www.happyblackwoman.com

Bucket List Goals

My First time on a Board

Anything without Works is Dead

13 Dec

The adage goes, “Faith without works is dead.”  Well, let me remix that, anything you strive for is dead in the water without dedication and an unshakable discipline.  But don’t fret, as I do, you don’t have to devour the whole thing, take small bites off of the pie. Thanks to my best friend for reminding me of that.

The Happy Black Woman’s #31DayReset is helping me to take a look at my life and the values that I hold.  In a post earlier this week, I shared the summary of a life assessment and shared the values that I adhere to in my life. Below is Day 4’s assignment.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

7 Dec

Conducting a Life Assessment and Examining Personal Values

As a part of the #31dayReset, I will assess my life and identify the things that I value. The seven areas of the Life Assessment are lifestyle, work, education, finances, health, family, relationships.

So often we just live on autopilot. Well, no more for me, because autopilot leads to laziness and an unfulfilled life.  Time to shake things up by taking a real, true look at what’s working and what’s not. What do I stand for? What are my truths?

Once I identify these through a seven area life assessment, then I can discover what needs to be changed but also, what needs to be celebrated. 

I started the Life Assessment by conducting a basic brain dump (but I don’t like those words) – I made notes based on the emotional reaction that I had to each of these topics. I skipped around the page and wrote what I felt; I figured this would be more honest.  Some areas, like Family, had more notes than say Lifestyle, which had just one question, should I move into the city?

Overall my life is cool. Yeah, the whole point of this blog is to showcase how fabulous things are for me, but let’s face, life has its’ ups and downs.
So let me say that – Lifestyle – I’m not satisfied. I want more. 2010 really knocked me on my ass like no other year has. But this last month of the year, I’m dedicated to building an infrastructure for a new life and life leadership.

On the flip side, I have SO much to celebrate and be thankful for.  Earlier this year, I avoided losing my home. I also got promoted this year, and life events brought my family closer. I’ve also enjoyed success as a public speaker and have had the opportunity to partner with some great people to help move my blog forward.

– parts of this assessment are a bit to personal (or damning) to share, so just trust that I did it.

The next part of the exercise was to identify your personal values. What do you hold important in this life? The following are the ten Reset Values that I identified.
  • Faith
  • Leadership (service)
  • Economic security
  • Cultural experience
  • Sharing love in all my personal relationships
  • Professional success
  • Respect for the environment
  • International travel and world exposure
  • Building a loving family
  • Dedication to honoring my physical temple

Some of the things I identified as hates or loves in the personal assessment caused me to evaluate what type of values I hold and what type of life I want to live.

I’m a little behind, but this represents Days 2 and 3 of the 31 Days to Reset Your Life challenge.  I promise I’ll catch up.

#31dayReset Day One: Part Two

2 Dec

You all don’t really know how badly I needed this life reset. And it’s great to see that not only was I feeling this way, but so many other women were as well. I hope men see the value of this personal growth challenge and look beyond the name of the blog, Happy Black Woman

I’ve decided to craft a new series of Mantras to coincide with the areas of my life where I need some positive self talk. After my first Mantra, I wrote the following.

Don’t be a punching bag for anyone, least of all yourself. Speak kind, supportive and loving words to yourself. Nurture the divine spirit within.

Here is a picture of my Reset Journal. It was gifted to me by a friend after my husband’s death. It’s from a wonderful series; this is the Create Journal.


Here is the inside motivational message:

Creativity comes from exploring, dream, caring, growing, feeling, taking risks, breaking rules, asking “What if?” and having fun. This is the place to do it. Every day comes with a fresh supply of new ideas, insights and possibilities. Write them down.

Follow the #31dayreset on Twitter and be inspired!

I’m creating my best life now!