Just Another Bougie Black Girl Memoir? Bitch is the New Black

6 Jan

Interim Book Review: Bitch is the New Black

Progress  – 89% complete. I wouldn’t normally write a review without completing the book, but I wanted to put down some of my initial thoughts. I’ll follow up with a review of the bookclub meeting that’s scheduled for Sunday.

I’m cheating on my current bookclub with my Best Friend’s Bookclub.  I’m scrambling to finish Bitch is the New Black by Helena Andrews. I’ve been looking for a reason to read this book. It was all the rage and garnered a lot of attention in DC and amongst my bougie crowd. I’m bougie, I’ll admit it.

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Now Carrying: I start the year with Michael Kors

5 Jan

A few weeks ago, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had purchased a brand new tote bag from one of my favorite Soulcialite friendly sites and I waited nearly two weeks to break it out. Well, let me tell you, I was robbing myself. Because when I finally got around to using the bag, I fell in love with this  Michael Kors Jacquard Tote.

Stylish, Functional Michael Kors Jacquard Tote

I used it to travel back to South Carolina for the holiday and I have to admit that I LOVE how incredibly spacious, not to mention stylish this bag is. Notice the hanging MK symbol in a weighty gold.

This bag was so big and spacious, it carried all of my electronic devices (ipod, camera, cell phone) along with books for the trip without being too bulky.

The bag has also been incredibly stylish with a variety of wardrobes- office wear or casual. It caught the eye of several, including my grocery store check out girl. Take it anywhere. It fits nicely on your shoulder or in your arm crease.

The website where I bought this fabulous new handbag to add to my Collection is accepting new members. If you want one, simply click here.

Happy Shopping!

Soulcialites, what bags are you rocking to start the year? Send your pics!

Reading Rhapsody – Soulcialite’s Read

4 Jan

This is the first of a series of posts that will end up in My Bookshelf, a category covering books.

I’ve been involved in one bookclub that I co-founded circa 2003. That began to fizzle and then I had a short lived affair with another bookclub which my best friend is in, and they’ve been able to keep their fire going. This month, they’ll be reading Bitch is the New Black.

But over the summer, a new DC transplant and fellow blogger @EvolvingElle decided she wanted to jump into the bookclub organization game. She named the group Reading Rhapsody. So far we’ve met about 3 times and have already lost one member. Hey – it happens.

Here are our reading selections thus far:

Glorious by Bernice McFadden    Group grade: B+

I won this book at a raffle at the first Happy Black Girl Day. The author came highly celebrated. The book was not as well received from the group. I personally, enjoyed the book. It was based on series of factual events, weaved in between this moving fiction.  Fellow readers had an issue with character development. I would describe the development as wide but not deep. It left something to be desired. But it was a fast-paced read.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Personally, I give this book an A+. I admit I was guilt of not completing the reading in time. It started slowly, which made the 300 plus pages daunting, but once you got to the meet of the book you couldn’t really put it down. It didn’t necessarily deliver the faith and religion aspect that I was expecting. (The narrator is a young man who practiced Buddhism, Judiasm, and Christianity before having that faith tested as he was shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean with a menacing Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker.

The Zahir by Paulo Coelho Group Grade, ummmm, maybe an A-

There were some great quotations in the book, but fellow readers had a problem with how Coelho seemed to interject his ‘philosophy’ into the mouths of other characters. Fellow blogger and book club member, @msrasberryinc, of http://www.msrasberrysworld.com wrote a post reviewing the book.

I enjoyed it, hell, it was my pick. However, the novel didn’t have the same appeal to me that I remember The Alchemist having.  Nonetheless, I’m going to put up a post with inspiring and thought provoking quotes from the novel.

Up next Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self

And I’ll be cheating on my bookclub by reading Bitch is the New Black,  a memoir by Helena Andrews, with my best friends club.  I’ve been looking for a group and a time to read this book, so I was excited when Bestie told me they were reading it.

I’ll admit, I’m skeptical of anyone that claims to have a memoir worthy life at 28. But hey, what can I say, age ain’t nothing but a number. And I’ll say growing up with a lesbian mother would certainly give one an interesting life perspective, huh? Helena has made the rounds and is experiencing success with the book in DC. She’s linked up with Shondra Rimes, who is expected to help her take the book to the big screen.

What other books are on your bookshelf? Have you read any of the books above?

Soulcialite Series| Product Review: Body Wrap Shapewear

3 Jan

PRODUCT: The BodyWrap Shapewear Bra Slip with underwire that I purchased from Ideeli.com

Soulcialite Product Review: Body Wrap Shapewear

Bodyshapers (no matter the brand) have become required wear for any woman concerned with making sure she looks absolutely flawless when she steps out in her finest.

Last night, I wore this bodyshaper (left) under my gown for the DC Mayoral Gala. And this particular product, FAILED terribly.

Now, luckily, the sins of this product were not visible to fellow celebrants. But it was evident to me every time I got up to dance.

But let’s back up. The product, which I purchased in a size Large (and if you know me, you should know I don’t need a large anything – except a handbag) was IMPOSSIBLE to get on. It’s neat in that the shoulder straps are removable, but that’s about it in the cool feature department.

I have to admit, I got it at a great price on Ideeli.com {For other shopping on ideeli, join using this link: }  http://www.ideeli.com/invite/Najeema

But I’ve gotten better wear and use from a product handed down to me from my Mother. More proof that they don’t make things like they used to.

I don’t think these products are made for people like me, with a few curves. The product was 1) difficult to put on 2) did not stay in place when I was wearing it and 3) was just as difficult to take off  as it was to put on.

So, in summary  Body Wrap Shapewear may have kept my stomach flat in my gown, but was much too uncomfortable !

Ladies, what products work well for you? Do you like Spanx, or do you rely on another brand?  Share your details and any funny stories.

Things I wanted to get off my chest before the New Year

31 Dec

Somebody PLEASE tell Kandi to stop wearing those godforsaken shirts that look like vaginas. I’ve ranted on twitter since the start of the RHOA season. She needs a friend on that show that will tell her she needs to step it up. Does she see how Sheree glams up for her one-on-ones? Get it together Kandi.

The internet was kind enough to have removed or simply ignored Kandi’s shirts, categorizing them as pornography. But any viewing of a RHOA marathon will piss you off as much as they have me.

I really had a problem with Rihanna this year. Including her invading my brain in the morning.  I really felt some kinda way when I woke up with “oh nana, what’s my name” kept playing on repeat as I woke up. But, alas. I guess it stems from the fact that I really had a problem with Rihanna on Eminem’s last hit song, The Way you Lie.  Now nearly two years ago this February, we lambasted Chris Brown for his domestic violence attack against Rihanna. Both suffered publicly. So, when Rihanna comes back singing / cosigning on a song with Eminimen that condones and encourages violence against a woman, or your partner for that matter, I was more than a little pissed off. These are the lyrics specifically that I had a problem with:

If she ever tries to fucking leave again
I’mma tie her to the bed
And set the house on fire

Simply inappropriate. And this is when I start looking at Rihanna with a side-eye for the role she played in her situation. I’m not saying it’s right….but did she learn anything from the situation. Like….it’s not right to condone domestic violence in your music, right…..

And briefly, the #HoSitDown award goes to…..Keri Hilson. Take your halfway ’empowering’ Pretty Girls Rock somewhere while you expose your vagina for the world to see in those trashy videos. You’re not my hero. You’re talented, but I’m offended that you think I’m a gynecologist.

I'm not qualified, nor do I want to inspect your ladyparts Ms. Hilson

And the #DoBetter award goes to Fantasia. Sorry boo.

Somebody needs to help Fantasia out.