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I didn’t watch The Game – all these people did

12 Jan

Take my black card. Sue me. I don’t care.

I was never uber excited about the return of the show. I wasn’t on it like that when it was on the CW. Maybe I could forecast that a run on BET would prove to be subpar, and from what I’m reading, it was.

So, instead of actually watching the show as it premiered Tuesday night, (1.11.11 meant so much to people because of the show’s return) I just watched my twitter feed for a bit, and waited until the morning, when the blogosphere would be overflowing with commentary about a show that we may soon see why they took it off in the first place.

Sorry Tia Mowry. I really dugg you growing up, and even in your last Lifetime Movie with your sister.

The New York Times covered the return, and the challenges that the show, and Executive Producers Salim and Mara Brock Akil will face going forward on BET.

The show left viewers with questions, as posed by Awesomely Luvvie, Southern Girl in the City, and one of my new favorite blogs, Magnet for Foolishness.

Blogger Mahoganie Jade, writer of Mahoganie: Musings East of the Anacostia River touched on the show before pointing readers to Tigger 500’s Season Four Premiere Review, which does a great character study and Mediastrut’s The Game Makes A Sloppy Return to Television, pointing out the character’s disconnectedness and suggests, with hope, that the show will rise beyond this rocky beginning in future episodes.

Of what I’ve read that has concerned me is that the Akil’s are in danger of losing much of the base of supporters that lobbied so strongly to resuscitate this show. As one blogger wrote, it’s more of a late night soap opera, no longer the dramedy with lovable characters that viewers were drawn to.

Not to mention we’re still discussing “the color issue” (i.e. a change in the actress that plays Britney, Jason and Kelly’s daughter.) The 10 year mixed child with bronze skin and blondish hair has been replaced with a brown skinned dark haired older actress. I’m not sure what the true issue is here. I recognize that actors/actresses become unavailable, especially after a two year hiatus. But usually, we’re causing a ruckus when the color lines go the other way. Perhaps it was the attitude that seemed to come with the new actress, which, might not be present in a 12 year-old, just yet.

I guess the bigger color issue was the “that boy is yellow” and Derwin and Janay are not situation. Wow, I mean, it’s really real out here in our community, and apparently African American parents rely on their kids skin tone to indicate paternity. In this hypothetical case, I guess it made sense. But two years later? Hmm….

I will tune in to future episodes of the Game, but I’m in no rush. You all keep me plenty entertained with your tweets and blog posts. Keep ’em coming.

Fam, have you read anything else that I should see related to the premiere of The Game? Post your comments and other links.

Do Yourself A Favor| N’Dambi and Zo Dec 10th-Black Cat

10 Dec

MN8* presents..

Black Cat, 1811 14th St NW Washington, DC 20009

Join Erykah Badu’s favorite background vocalist, and a star in her own universe.

N’Dambi is quickly becoming one of the brightest stars in today’s soul movement. The Dallas-based artist’s new album, Pink Elephant, is her Stax Records debut and official entry into the soul pantheon. Her style is more substantial than Badu’s, less mannered than Amel Larrieux’s, and infinitely more complex than Angie Stone’s. All comparisons aside though, N’Dambi’s talent speaks for itself. Source:

Zo tweets: RT @zo3hree5ive: I’ll be presenting #SunStorm live and opening for @Ndambi at the @BlackCatDC – Friday, December 10th..

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of downloading Zo’s Just Visiting Too and seeing him at the U Street Music Hall. Lorenzo Ferguson, a Silver Spring based musician and producer,  bought a crew of funky superstars including: Yahzahrah, Darien Brockington, and Monica Blaire to bring vocal life to his instrumental project.

Need a primer on Zo, download the project below. Or read the Soulbounce review of Sunstorm, the full length feature.

Click on image for download

Follow the crew on twitter :




Do Yourself A Favor| Nov 17: Master of The Mix at Bar7

15 Nov

I’m proud of the relationships I’ve built with event producers and promoters around the city. Access is very important as you attempt to navigate DC nightlife. Some people trip about it, and others don’t. Don’t trip this Wednesday.

Join Hell In A Handbag as a community partner in Party Rockers, Master of the Mix Viewing Party for Episode 3 of the BET/Centric series at Bar 7.

One of DC’s top Party Rockers, the Vibe Conductor, DJ Stylus, will be doing what he knows best – giving you an education on wax. As a special treat the night will feature Guest DJs:
DJs Asho and Meistro

Master of the Mix| Viewing Party Wednesday @ Bar 7

NO Cover

NO Lines

Complimentary Smirnoff cocktails while they last.

Just make sure you RSVP at and make sure they know you found out about the event on Hell In A Handbag

Too Many Facebook Friends – Cut ’em. Here’s How.

10 Nov

November 17 as National UnFriend Day 

Too many Facebook Friends?

I don’t know about you, but I have too many Facebook friends.

And the only person I have to blame for that is myself. Long story short, I was going to use my personal page for promotion of networking activities, but the list got unruly, and now there are a few more strangers than friends with access to my Facebook life. Maybe it was Social Networking Delusions of Grandeur. I think most of us are guilty of that at some point and to some small degree.

I’ve tried a few things to keep my Facebook friend count under control. At this point, I’m not really about accepting new friends. I mean, I need friends I can talk to, not just those that want to look at pictures, or halfway cyberstalk me. And every few weeks, increasingly, I’m considering taking the whole thing down. Even more so with my twitter account – take it down (and maybe start over). But to keep my friend count dwindling, here are a few short tips.

1) Seriously, don’t friend anyone you don’t know. And if you only halfway know them and want to be nosey, then I put them on a limited profile list. Then they can’t see all ya bizness.

2) Review mutual friends and use that to discern whether or not Random Person X deserves access to your timeline.

3) Write a note….if someone wants to be “FB Friends” and they can’t bother to send me a message ‘introducing themselves’ then no go. If I’m half way intrigued, or if I have a free moment, write them. Ask them why they want to be friends. If they don’t respond – press “decline.”

4) Use birthdays to unfriend fake FB friends. I was brilliant when I came up with this one. It’s gonna be difficult and time consuming to eliminate a mass number of people, but instead, use birthday announcements to cut extraneous people out of your FB life.

Jimmy Kimmel has declared that November 17 as National UnFriend Day, a day in which Facebook users should cut the “friend fat” and lose the unnecessary friends who keep asking you “which Harry Potter character you are.”
But Kimmel doesn’t give any suggestions or criteria for cutting the fat. Maybe those above are helpful.  Besides birthdays, folks that send me too many game invites (really, Mafia Wars, really? or you want to build a farm….online? #comeonson ) are prime for fat-triming. AND PROMOTERS…. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

What strategies do you use to cut down your FB friends?

The Forecast – November 10, 2010 | Master of the Mix Viewing Party

9 Nov

Master of the Mix DC Viewing Party #2 at JIN 11/10/2010

Catch the DJs going another round this Wednesday, November 10.

MoTM DC resident DJ:
DJ Stylus, The Vibe Conductor

guest DJs:
Maze-One and Handspeak

community partners: Gypsy Soul & DC Fab

Doors open at 8pm | free with RSVP|
Jin 2017 14th ST NW WDC