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Please Join the Hellians at the New Site

23 May

I’m very happy to announce that has launched and that you will find the latest content there. Please come on over to join us! website officially launches

Just Another Bougie Black Girl Memoir? Bitch is the New Black

6 Jan

Interim Book Review: Bitch is the New Black

Progress  – 89% complete. I wouldn’t normally write a review without completing the book, but I wanted to put down some of my initial thoughts. I’ll follow up with a review of the bookclub meeting that’s scheduled for Sunday.

I’m cheating on my current bookclub with my Best Friend’s Bookclub.  I’m scrambling to finish Bitch is the New Black by Helena Andrews. I’ve been looking for a reason to read this book. It was all the rage and garnered a lot of attention in DC and amongst my bougie crowd. I’m bougie, I’ll admit it.

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Now Carrying: I start the year with Michael Kors

5 Jan

A few weeks ago, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had purchased a brand new tote bag from one of my favorite Soulcialite friendly sites and I waited nearly two weeks to break it out. Well, let me tell you, I was robbing myself. Because when I finally got around to using the bag, I fell in love with this  Michael Kors Jacquard Tote.

Stylish, Functional Michael Kors Jacquard Tote

I used it to travel back to South Carolina for the holiday and I have to admit that I LOVE how incredibly spacious, not to mention stylish this bag is. Notice the hanging MK symbol in a weighty gold.

This bag was so big and spacious, it carried all of my electronic devices (ipod, camera, cell phone) along with books for the trip without being too bulky.

The bag has also been incredibly stylish with a variety of wardrobes- office wear or casual. It caught the eye of several, including my grocery store check out girl. Take it anywhere. It fits nicely on your shoulder or in your arm crease.

The website where I bought this fabulous new handbag to add to my Collection is accepting new members. If you want one, simply click here.

Happy Shopping!

Soulcialites, what bags are you rocking to start the year? Send your pics!

Reset Your Life: 31 Day Challenge

2 Dec

Today is Day One of @HappyBlackWoman’s #31dayreset. This is a innovative combination of social media and personal challenge. To learn more about the challenge, check this:  

Rosetta Thurman sets the bar again with this social media integration into the field of personal development.

I’ve selected a notebook with the word ‘Create’ on the cover. I will dedicate it to exploring myself through the exercises of this challenge over the month of December.

So what 2010 didn’t go the way I expected it? Tomorrow is a new day and the 2011 is around the corner.

My Personal Mantra for the #31dayreset

“It begins today. I will live in the moment, breathe, pray, and have the kind of faith that involves the action of my feet.”

I was inspired to write this mantra about a year ago and I would like to use this #31dayreset to write some other affirmations.

Follow the #31dayreset hashtag on twitter.

If you’re looking to transform or to be inspired, follow this challenge as a part of my Transitions Diary.


Thanksgiving Forecast: Nov 24-25th| 2010

24 Nov

If I had the pleasure of being in DC this Holiday, I would support these events. Get it in with good people and great music.


The #MOTMDC Series Continues at Tabaq

IT’S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN!! TONIGHT! @TabaqDC for Episode 4 of “Master in the Mix”. Special guests DJ Trini and Heat join DJ Stylus for more DJ culture goodness. Smirnoff open bar from 9-10. RSVP at before 4PM folks!!



This DMV Thanksgiving Reunion has become a staple during the holiday season where friends and associates can gather, mix and mingle, and party!

Thursday enjoy a more seasoned crowd and a more mature mix of music with DJ Jahsonic. (Take Friday off of work if you haven’t already – you’ll be calling in)

Friday, check out BlackFriday Cocktail Hour brought to you by fellow blogger, @mstygerlily of It’s The Lauren Show.


Presented by "It's The Lauren Show"

Eat. Drink. Be Thankful. Party hard and be safe. Happy Thanksgiving,