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1 Nov
Hermes Birkin Purse.

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I came home yesterday with an unending desire to write a blog post about handbags. After all, you see the name of the blog, but you have no idea what I really mean. I mean, when I say, “I love handbags,” I really mean it. I would go barefoot in a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt with a FLY bag!

I’ve never counted how many bags I have. But it’s quality not quantity right? I love big ones, little ones, ones that carry a lot, and those that keep my small things close. I like designer, I like vintage, I like something that you’ve never seen before, but you really want to know where I got it.

Bags carry my life. Not just the stuff I’m lugging around. My handbag is an extension of my mood and a peek into my style philosophy for the day.

Ladies, what are your handbag guilty pleasures? Have you counted how many bags you have in your closet? What designers blow your mind (and your wallet) ?

What’s your handbag philosophy? Hell In A Handbag would like you to be a part of the “Eye Spy” Series featuring fly handbags on the street – everyday ladies share their handbags.

Send a picture and your name to TheOriginalNajeema at {gmail} with a description of your handbag.


Formspring Question: your dream car?

24 Jun

Right now, my dream car is a Mercedes CLS500 in Teal or Champagne. They called this car Cialis when it came out because it was so sexy. I agree, years later, I’m STILL on it. I swoon!

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A close second is the BMW x6 – so hot! I’m a little rugged and this car mixes class and sophistication with utility. This car debuted at the Detroit Auto show in 2008 and I saw it on the streets for the first time late last year. I REALLY dig it.

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LAST- I’d love to drive the new Porsche Panamera. I fell in love with Porsche from the movie Sixteen Candles and made it reality when I met and fell in love with Prince Charming. Then, this year I saw the Panamera on the streets of Chinatown. I heard TI bought one for Tiny. Cute. I’ll be buying my own.

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What have you been dying to ask me?

Original thought: June 2

2 Jun

First morning thoughts: Recognize, celebrate and do not minimize your accomplishments-no matter how small. Especially if it’s something you’ve really been meaning to do.

Personal: (I finally moved the blog to wordpress. Next step: USE the domain names I’ve purchased.)

Extraordinary circumstances create unique opportunities. Make the best of it.

Black Girl Burlesque

1 Jun

Over the weekend, I had the chance to attend a very unique and longstanding convention of  Bellydancers of Color. This rich and vibrant gathering of multicultural sisters is on it’s 6th year and offered a wide variety of courses to select from – including Bellydance Intro classes to Hiphop bellydancing, Bellydance and Yoga for Flexibility and Hormones (health), bellydance to find your soulmate, (sensuality). Bellydancing works the region of your abdomen and reproductive organs. Keeping that area fit and active will help prevent fibroids, according to my teachers for the day. This is also something that you use in your sensual arsenal.

Of all the classes that I could have taken, ranging in price from $20-45 dollars, I was led to the Black Girl Burlesque, perhaps from my last experience at Moca DC gallery in Georgetown, where I am the #foursquare Mayor.

Burlesque has intrigued me since Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl proposed an after hours spot to his father. The spot was extravagant and so was the dancing.  I’m also sensitive to Burlesque as a part of owning, creating, and redefining stereotypes of black female sexuality. In the class, taught by two women of color from the New York area, they opined, Hugh Heffner created the current images of sexuality, based on the chorus girl, but in the tall, blonde hair blue eye context.

There was comedy in the class
We all laughed when our instructors encouraged to find our sexy on the inside. “Strippers are too stressed out,” they said.

Burlesque is about the art of story telling, often using the dance as a part satire, part commentary. Burlesque relies on part costume, part musical elements, and a large part of sensuality, based on the attire. The costumes include lingerie with embellishments such as  pasties and boas.

The class featured novices and some more experienced bellydancers. All participants embraced a sensual stage name and a corresponding movement. After we played around with the boas and learned choreography to Prince’s Delirious and tracks by Dinah Washington.

It was an excellent introduction to the world of burlesque. Where I’ll take it….well, I’m scared to know now myself.

I couldn't resist a picture with one of my instructors

Saturday: DC Get’s GLAM in preparation For SATC 2

19 May


Washington DC Celebrates the Release of Sex and the City 2 
With the “All That Glitters Soirée

(Washington D.C. – May 9, 2010) Ladies get your Sex and The City inspired outfits together, nosh on gourmet hors d’oeuvres and sip Cosmos or Flirtini’s while you are pampered by Be Glam’d Bar or dolled up for a night on the town. Recess Lounge will be the talk of DC on Saturday, May 22, 2010 as women immerse themselves in the Sex and the City style “Party of the Year” hosted by WPGC’s mid-day host Anji Corley. This classy cosmopolitan themed reception is free and takes place from 6 – 10 PM at one of DC’s sexiest new venues, Recess Lounge.

Cataanda J and Les Branchés have come together to celebrate the essence of all things Sex and The City. What could possibly sound better than sipping cosmopolitans with the girls, rehashing all of the fabulous fashion highs and lows and getting primped and pampered.This is also a great time to network with other professional women of the District. The evening will feature glamorous giveaways, special guests and classic cocktails. You do not want to miss it!
The event will allow fans to celebrate their inner Carrie (Fashionista), Miranda (Player), Samantha (Bombshell) and Charlotte (Socialite). Arrive as your best dressed SATC Girl and win the ultimate “All That Glitters” Photo Shoot with Roy Cox Photography including make-up, hair, and minx nails. Advanced tickets will be sold for the special ‘Be Glam’d Bar’ for $25. Sponsors for this event Cover Girl Queen Collection, Roy Cox Photography, Cataanda J & Co., Les Branchés, Gorjana, La Nouvelle-Orleans, Charlotte Burley of The Turn-On (Online Talk Show), Minx-n-WInks, Pretty Powerful Events, CD Brow Beauty and many more!
For more details and media contact:
Kimberly Natasha, Publicist
KNPR + Marketing, LLC