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100 Things that Make Me Happy

19 Jan

This is an assignment for #31dayReset from Happy Black – Day13

It took me over one month to develop this list, and that makes me kinda sad. I kept my journal close to record the joys that I found in each day. Somedays brought more revelations than others.

Nevertheless, here are the 100 things that make me happy.

1. Caking
2. Being in love
3. Sunshine on my face
4. Days at the beach
5. Wearing sunglasses at the club
6. Kisses on the neck
7. Hersey Kisses with Almonds
8. The feeling I get when I complete a difficult task
9. The feeling I get when I achieve a far off goal
10. Spitting Jay-Z lyrics
11. Live music and concerts
12. Memories of Sade in Madison Square Garden
13. Being mistaken for a New Yorker
14. Laughter from babies
15. My mother's smile
16. Hugs from my daddy
17. Long passionate kisses
18. My Sorority
19. Writing letters
20. Writing poetry
21. Hot Chocolate on a cold day
22. Walks with the one I love
23. Recording music
24. Giving someone something they need
25. A good releasing cry
26. Discovering a new route
27. A fresh hairdo
28. Public speaking
29. Chillin by the pool
30. Laying out
31. Reading a good book
32. Orgasmic sex
33. A black man in a well fitted suit
34. Dancing
35. A good workout
36. Comfortable Uggs
37. A warm blanket on a cold day
38. Having an item that makes me stand out
39. Giving something to the one I love
40. Watching Seinfeld
41. Watching Track and Field
42. Being treated like a lady
43. Handbags
44. Singing
45. Spelman College
46. Smell of Egyptian musk
47. 600+ Thread count sheets
48. Opportunities to dress up and take cute pics
49. Puppies
50. Gerber daisies
51. Inspiring quotes
52. Learning about ancient cultures
53. Art and art appreciation
54. Calla Lilies
55. Connecting with new people
56. Getting love from the DJ
57. New technologies
58. Cocoa butter gel
59. Passion fruit (juice, scent, all of it)
60. Slow dancing
61. A scenic drive
62. Masquerade parties
63. Cinnamon gum, red hots, and disc candy
64. Rags to riches movies
65. Coming home to a made up bed
66. Comfortable cords
67. Creative craft projects
68. Crossing things off my to do list
69. An unexpected meal when I'm hungry
70. Dancing babies
71. Unexpected refunds
72. New jack swing music
73. "Happy Little Clouds" art teacher on WETA
74. Celebrtiy gossip from Wendy Williams and TMZ
75. Rechargable batteries
76. Punctual dates
77. Sitting with my grandmother
78. The MJ effect in the clubs (excitment when an MJ song comes on)
79. Traveling carnivals
80. Funnel cakes
81. Pizza with mushrooms
82. A new charm on my charm bracelet
83. Root beer
84. Snorkeling
85. Cookies and cream ice cream
86. Lemonade iced tea
87. Boiled peanuts
88. Memories of being a tomboy-climbing trees, riding bikes
89. Funny family stories
90. Symbols of my hometown, Charleston, SC
91. Memories of my CMF crew
92. Hair appointments that start on time
93. Mimosas
94. Sleeping late with no place to be
95. No car payments
96. A day without spending any money
97. Things that sparkle
98. Driving fast
99. Old episodes of dance shows like Soul Train and Dance Party USA
100. Social media

I didn’t watch The Game – all these people did

12 Jan

Take my black card. Sue me. I don’t care.

I was never uber excited about the return of the show. I wasn’t on it like that when it was on the CW. Maybe I could forecast that a run on BET would prove to be subpar, and from what I’m reading, it was.

So, instead of actually watching the show as it premiered Tuesday night, (1.11.11 meant so much to people because of the show’s return) I just watched my twitter feed for a bit, and waited until the morning, when the blogosphere would be overflowing with commentary about a show that we may soon see why they took it off in the first place.

Sorry Tia Mowry. I really dugg you growing up, and even in your last Lifetime Movie with your sister.

The New York Times covered the return, and the challenges that the show, and Executive Producers Salim and Mara Brock Akil will face going forward on BET.

The show left viewers with questions, as posed by Awesomely Luvvie, Southern Girl in the City, and one of my new favorite blogs, Magnet for Foolishness.

Blogger Mahoganie Jade, writer of Mahoganie: Musings East of the Anacostia River touched on the show before pointing readers to Tigger 500’s Season Four Premiere Review, which does a great character study and Mediastrut’s The Game Makes A Sloppy Return to Television, pointing out the character’s disconnectedness and suggests, with hope, that the show will rise beyond this rocky beginning in future episodes.

Of what I’ve read that has concerned me is that the Akil’s are in danger of losing much of the base of supporters that lobbied so strongly to resuscitate this show. As one blogger wrote, it’s more of a late night soap opera, no longer the dramedy with lovable characters that viewers were drawn to.

Not to mention we’re still discussing “the color issue” (i.e. a change in the actress that plays Britney, Jason and Kelly’s daughter.) The 10 year mixed child with bronze skin and blondish hair has been replaced with a brown skinned dark haired older actress. I’m not sure what the true issue is here. I recognize that actors/actresses become unavailable, especially after a two year hiatus. But usually, we’re causing a ruckus when the color lines go the other way. Perhaps it was the attitude that seemed to come with the new actress, which, might not be present in a 12 year-old, just yet.

I guess the bigger color issue was the “that boy is yellow” and Derwin and Janay are not situation. Wow, I mean, it’s really real out here in our community, and apparently African American parents rely on their kids skin tone to indicate paternity. In this hypothetical case, I guess it made sense. But two years later? Hmm….

I will tune in to future episodes of the Game, but I’m in no rush. You all keep me plenty entertained with your tweets and blog posts. Keep ’em coming.

Fam, have you read anything else that I should see related to the premiere of The Game? Post your comments and other links.

Now Carrying: I start the year with Michael Kors

5 Jan

A few weeks ago, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had purchased a brand new tote bag from one of my favorite Soulcialite friendly sites and I waited nearly two weeks to break it out. Well, let me tell you, I was robbing myself. Because when I finally got around to using the bag, I fell in love with this  Michael Kors Jacquard Tote.

Stylish, Functional Michael Kors Jacquard Tote

I used it to travel back to South Carolina for the holiday and I have to admit that I LOVE how incredibly spacious, not to mention stylish this bag is. Notice the hanging MK symbol in a weighty gold.

This bag was so big and spacious, it carried all of my electronic devices (ipod, camera, cell phone) along with books for the trip without being too bulky.

The bag has also been incredibly stylish with a variety of wardrobes- office wear or casual. It caught the eye of several, including my grocery store check out girl. Take it anywhere. It fits nicely on your shoulder or in your arm crease.

The website where I bought this fabulous new handbag to add to my Collection is accepting new members. If you want one, simply click here.

Happy Shopping!

Soulcialites, what bags are you rocking to start the year? Send your pics!

Things I wanted to get off my chest before the New Year

31 Dec

Somebody PLEASE tell Kandi to stop wearing those godforsaken shirts that look like vaginas. I’ve ranted on twitter since the start of the RHOA season. She needs a friend on that show that will tell her she needs to step it up. Does she see how Sheree glams up for her one-on-ones? Get it together Kandi.

The internet was kind enough to have removed or simply ignored Kandi’s shirts, categorizing them as pornography. But any viewing of a RHOA marathon will piss you off as much as they have me.

I really had a problem with Rihanna this year. Including her invading my brain in the morning.  I really felt some kinda way when I woke up with “oh nana, what’s my name” kept playing on repeat as I woke up. But, alas. I guess it stems from the fact that I really had a problem with Rihanna on Eminem’s last hit song, The Way you Lie.  Now nearly two years ago this February, we lambasted Chris Brown for his domestic violence attack against Rihanna. Both suffered publicly. So, when Rihanna comes back singing / cosigning on a song with Eminimen that condones and encourages violence against a woman, or your partner for that matter, I was more than a little pissed off. These are the lyrics specifically that I had a problem with:

If she ever tries to fucking leave again
I’mma tie her to the bed
And set the house on fire

Simply inappropriate. And this is when I start looking at Rihanna with a side-eye for the role she played in her situation. I’m not saying it’s right….but did she learn anything from the situation. Like….it’s not right to condone domestic violence in your music, right…..

And briefly, the #HoSitDown award goes to…..Keri Hilson. Take your halfway ’empowering’ Pretty Girls Rock somewhere while you expose your vagina for the world to see in those trashy videos. You’re not my hero. You’re talented, but I’m offended that you think I’m a gynecologist.

I'm not qualified, nor do I want to inspect your ladyparts Ms. Hilson

And the #DoBetter award goes to Fantasia. Sorry boo.

Somebody needs to help Fantasia out.

My Bucket List

16 Dec

The premise: You’ve learned that you have 6 months to live. How will you spend that time and make the most of your life?

Here’s my bucket list. Hopefully, I’ll get to most of these before a hypothetical diagnosis forces me to.

Visit the Seven Wonders of the World

Cruise the Mediterranean


Find my biological parents

Go Skinny-dipping

Drive cross-country

Publish a book

Become fluent in 3 other languages (Spanish,French, Italian) and have the opportunity to use those skills.

What’s on your bucket list?

If I didn’t have a time limit, (you’re gonna die in 6 months) here are some more things that I’d set out to accomplish:

Read the Bible in its’ entirety; take Breakdancing classes; be a good skateboarder; learn to snowboard well; take tasteful nude photos.

If this bucket list seems small it’s because I am developing a larger list of goals for regular life activities.  This post has been an exercise for the 31 Day Life Reset Challenge on

Bucket List Goals

My First time on a Board