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Now Carrying: I start the year with Michael Kors

5 Jan

A few weeks ago, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had purchased a brand new tote bag from one of my favorite Soulcialite friendly sites and I waited nearly two weeks to break it out. Well, let me tell you, I was robbing myself. Because when I finally got around to using the bag, I fell in love with this  Michael Kors Jacquard Tote.

Stylish, Functional Michael Kors Jacquard Tote

I used it to travel back to South Carolina for the holiday and I have to admit that I LOVE how incredibly spacious, not to mention stylish this bag is. Notice the hanging MK symbol in a weighty gold.

This bag was so big and spacious, it carried all of my electronic devices (ipod, camera, cell phone) along with books for the trip without being too bulky.

The bag has also been incredibly stylish with a variety of wardrobes- office wear or casual. It caught the eye of several, including my grocery store check out girl. Take it anywhere. It fits nicely on your shoulder or in your arm crease.

The website where I bought this fabulous new handbag to add to my Collection is accepting new members. If you want one, simply click here.

Happy Shopping!

Soulcialites, what bags are you rocking to start the year? Send your pics!



1 Nov
Hermes Birkin Purse.

Image via Wikipedia

I came home yesterday with an unending desire to write a blog post about handbags. After all, you see the name of the blog, but you have no idea what I really mean. I mean, when I say, “I love handbags,” I really mean it. I would go barefoot in a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt with a FLY bag!

I’ve never counted how many bags I have. But it’s quality not quantity right? I love big ones, little ones, ones that carry a lot, and those that keep my small things close. I like designer, I like vintage, I like something that you’ve never seen before, but you really want to know where I got it.

Bags carry my life. Not just the stuff I’m lugging around. My handbag is an extension of my mood and a peek into my style philosophy for the day.

Ladies, what are your handbag guilty pleasures? Have you counted how many bags you have in your closet? What designers blow your mind (and your wallet) ?

What’s your handbag philosophy? Hell In A Handbag would like you to be a part of the “Eye Spy” Series featuring fly handbags on the street – everyday ladies share their handbags.

Send a picture and your name to TheOriginalNajeema at {gmail} with a description of your handbag.

Eye Spy| Handbag Watch: KarmaSoul International

4 Oct

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the 13th edition of the Black Luv Fest. Peace to Papi Kymone and the countless talented people that put this festival together. The festival draws community minded musicians, artists, and vendors. And apparently some very stylish people.

I saw this striking handbag (left), designed by the ladies of KarmaSoul International.

Click on the picture below for a link to their Etsy page.  {They’re on Facebook as well.}

From this photo, it seems clear that the ladies behind this company are pretty glam! Check out other press below to see pics of bold and daring earrings and handbags.

I need to apologize to The Dream

19 Jul

My bad homie.

I jumped the gun. I called you out for some stuff that I had no business inserting my 41 cents in. I called you fat, nasty, ugly and a CHEATER. Again, my bad.

When I heard you had been pushed to the limit, and even considered suicide. I eased up.

Hey, I’ve been where you are. Kinda. My situation is slightly different from yours, hell, I don’t really know, but the point is I’ve been married. And there were rough times. I can relate.

But I had no business being mad at you coz I thought you cheated. I guess I was mad that the pretty girl got cheated on. That’s not supposed to happen.

But I took a minute to read your letter and I felt the sincerity, although the brevity, of your text and emotions. Through your words, I heard you crying out, as I’ve cried out time after time.

You apologized and accepted responsibility for your part. But you also reminded us of the most important thing. It’s nobodies business but you and Christina’s.

But you didn’t fail Terius as long as you gave it all you could. People are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Just love and cherish that beautiful little baby you made and keep making bangers in the club for me to dance to.

As an added bonus, I’m gonna play your new single, Makeup Bag because I saw you perform it on late night TV and I like songs about handbags.

Please accept my apology.

A fan of “putting it in the bag.”

The Most Expensive Trash Bag You’ll Ever Carry

15 Mar


Rarely do I feel like finer luxury goods maker, Louis Vuitton, can do any wrong. But I’m giving the LVMH the side eye when I peep this bag.

Marc Jacobs is really pushing the boundaries between street and high fashion. The bag abandons the usual luxury wingdings for a more-tasteful French inscription. This ‘bag’ is named the Raindrop Besace and is made from coated canvas (read: raincoat material), and waterproof. It has a removable shoulder strap in case you want to actually carry it.  This designer trash bag can be yours for $1,960. It is available in the two colors seen here. Bloggers and fashionistas are slamming it. But, in my ignorance, I’d love to rock the ‘green’ (more like my favorite turquoise) anyday.