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Kai Milla – Shop or Flop ?

5 Oct

Just a tad bit of gossip….but Page Six, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post, are reporting that Kai Milla Designs, the fashion line headed by the wife of Stevie Wonder is going under. Done. Kaput. (Their words, not mine)

That’s interesting, because she was at FBCGlenarden over the weekend, gifting all kinds of expensive looking clothes to the First Lady of the church. At the time Kai Milla mentioned that coming soon, her fashions would be in retailers like Nordstrom and Saks Jandel, not to be confused with Saks Fifth Avenue. Jandel carries high style and fashion from well-known names like Valentino, Yves St. Laurent, Max Mara and Michael Kors.

Now, I did find it odd that the promotional video played at the Beyond, Beyond Women’s Conference, to introduce Kai Milla was from last year. But the video boasted Kai Milla’s support from Michelle Obama, Oprah, Eva Mendes, and all the other ladies of color in Hollyweird.

According to the New York Post, “Milla’s last collection was for spring/summer 2010, and was presented during New York Fashion Week last September at the Museum of Art and Design at Columbus Circle.”

Apparently, KMDesigns owes Modeling agencies, production crews, design assistants, pattern makers, office and store landlords in New York and LA. But she has been unavailable and cannot be reached by phone or email. They should have been at FBC Glenarden on Saturday. Kai Milla, on the left in the picture above, perhaps became best known when the First Lady Michelle Obama wore a Kai Milla Design in February 2009 at the Library of Congress and at a Stevie Wonder performance at the White House.

On Saturday Kai MIlla gave a preview of what’s supposed to be in stores next year – fabulous formal wear and one of a kind suits. Some of the other features were scarves, capes, sparkly clutches, and a large leather hobo that of course caught my eye.

I did get one outfit idea – a cranberry sheath dress with a heather gray cardigan with a white belt. I love those pops of color. Let’s see if I can put that outfit together this season. I’ll be sure to take a pic and let you know!

Eye Spy| Handbag Watch: KarmaSoul International

4 Oct

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the 13th edition of the Black Luv Fest. Peace to Papi Kymone and the countless talented people that put this festival together. The festival draws community minded musicians, artists, and vendors. And apparently some very stylish people.

I saw this striking handbag (left), designed by the ladies of KarmaSoul International.

Click on the picture below for a link to their Etsy page.  {They’re on Facebook as well.}

From this photo, it seems clear that the ladies behind this company are pretty glam! Check out other press below to see pics of bold and daring earrings and handbags.

Cole Stevens Salon Shines with Korto Momolu at NY Fashion Week

29 Sep

Korto Momolu Partners with Cole Stevens; Photo Credit:

Local DC Area Salon Helps Fashion Designer Present at NY Fashion Week

Soulcialites have certain standards. And one, especially for Black women, is hair care. So, truthfully, it was no surprised when I learned that Cole Stevens Salon and Day Spa was a part of the team to make Korto Momolu‘s S/S 2011 Fashion week show go off smoothly, and expertly coiffed. 

Korto has been extremely industrious over the past few months, which is her nature. She’s prepared a stationary and gift line “Korto Momolu for SanLori” in addition to a fine jewelry collection, meant to accent everyday wear for the fashion forward sophisticate.

Korto’s fashions are fluid and angular. Cole Stevens compliments with smooth, sleek updos. The stylists at the salon are well trained. Although, I have seen a change in the salon since a satellite location was opened on Capitol Hill. The Greenbelt salon is busier, with a second room open for stylists. LOTS OF THEM. Sometimes I feel like it’s a madhouse. I remember the peace and tranquility before the renovations. But, when you’re doing good work,  people want to get in on the good thing. I enjoy people watching. And Cole Stevens, with it’s affluent clientele, make for great people watching.

Cole Stevens is big on hair care and big on what you want. I used to get my hair done here religiously. Now, it’s an occasional treat.  I’m working out a few things on my own hair journey.  Right now, I’m considering getting the Keratin treatment they offer. They are also big on charity. I worked with the Salon on it’s Cinderella Foundation Fashion Show last year. It was an exquisite affair held at the Mandarin Oriental last Novemeber. Korto Momolu showed fashions at that show as well, which helped to establish the relationship.

Here are some of my favorite looks from Korto’s show in New York. Check the HAIR! {courtesy of Champion Eye Media}

NY Fashion Week: Korto Momolu with Cole Stevens Salon and Day Spa

Read more on Korto’s Fashion Week Show on WoogieWoo or Jewelanastassia

The Fab Empire Shows DC How to Celebrate

10 Sep

Event Recap: DC Fab’s Three Year Anniversary Cocktail Party

I walked past the unassuming bouncer, down the stairs and into a packed Recess, the chic  location of  DC Fab’s Three Year Anniversary Celebratory Cocktail Party. I’m happy to say I was in the right place, meaning I saw a lot of familiar faces, fellow bloggers,  Public Relations, networking, and Nonprofit Professionals, college classmates, promoters, Intellectuals, and Soulcialites. The women were beautiful and the gents were fashionably styled. Fashion, politics, music and style combined to create a joyous, light  and airy atmosphere.

Joi Marie, the Editor in Chief of The Fab Empire, addressed the crowd close to 8pm, thanking Sponsors Remy and Carol’s Daughter and endorsing the Hair Milk.  I enjoyed one of many complementary Remy cocktails – The First Lady and hob-knobed with  friends only long enough to take a few pics.

Congrats to New Sales Director of The Warner Theatre

Promoters and Bloggers Celebrate DC FAB's Three Year Anniversary

Old Friends Reconnecting

Fellow Bloggers: Jasmine of & Leon of

The Ladies of Divas MPH {} and Yodit of

Danielle Belton of & Joi Marie, Editor in Chief - DC Fab

As I thought about writing this post, what I wanted readers to come away with was how authentic the mood was and how people truly celebrated DC Fab! That says a lot about the spirit of the staff and crew at The Fab Empire and they have created in DC Fab!  Bottom Line, this event was bliss – a great mix of the right people in a chic, exclusive setting.

Originality in Uniform?

12 Jul

In a recent interview, Janelle Monae, who I happen to like, addressed rumors of her homosexuality, which I could care less about, by discussing her fashion choices.

If you’re unfamiliar, Ms. Monae, she wears what she calls a ‘uniform’ – a black suit, tie, and ‘saddle shoes.’

But I’m gonna throw a lil shade….how is this original? What I remember about wearing a uniform was that I didn’t have to think much about what I was going to wear.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I kinda like the gimmick. And in R&B these days, everybody’s gotta have something.

Perhaps there’s originality in the simplicity and the repetition.

I don’t think this detracts from Janelle Monae, her music is phenomenal. I would like to see her do something else … original. Not head shaven original. Her hair is original enough.

I want more pics like this:

Janelle Monae in something colorful. Photo Credit:

Soul artist Janelle Monae. Photo by Dave Ellis / Tony Simmons