Hire Me

I am a Music and Nightlife Enthusiast, Popular Culture Writer, Public Speaker, and Social Media Consultant.

With a wide and expanding blog, Facebook, and Twitter audience, hire me to promoted the most exclusive events through dedicated social media campaigns.

As the former Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Spelman Spotlight, I have vast experience writing objective, yet creative, lifestyle and entertainment pieces.

Hire me to review new music or films.

Hire me to write features to promote your product or brand.

Hire me to speak at your social media, lifestyle, branding conference, or to serve as a panelist. Past speaking engagements include:

BET Fit, Fly and Flourishing, Girls Youth Conference (September 2009) – Presenter.

DC Week’s (June 2010) Black Trailblazers- Panelist and Social Media for Non-Traditional Users – Presenter.

Perspectives in Collecting African American Art (August 2010) – Panelist.

Hire me to develop social media campaigns, (including, but not limited to: email, video, Facebook, or Twitter) for your product or brand. Or hire me to consult on your social media campaign, including choosing the best mechanism for communicating with your potential customers, but also the tools best suited to manage multiple social media platforms.

This post is an assignment from the Thirty-One Days to A Brand New Blog (#31bnb)

One Response to “Hire Me”

  1. nona April 26, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    What did he tell you he did in texas and what year was this and what was he doing in washington did he say he was starting a business ( Boys Home) He is nothing more than a moocher. He has been in federal prison for 5yrs now he is out. He fails to tail women about his explosive behavior. All he wants is money from you. He drives a broke down bmw, a tahoe, and a hummer he cant keep gas in. No he does’nt live downtown dallas. He lives in a regular apartmemt like everybody else. If you see him run like crazy. Im glad you didnt buy into him.

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