Why Do I Blog?

I blog to have a voice and a platform to highlight things I see on the web and to share information about exciting events going on in Washington, DC (and select other cities.)

I am not attempting to be a celebrity blogger, but way too often the shenanigans of  celebrities call me to highlight their behaviors, and when relevant, connect popular culture to some larger cultural or even political occurrence. I am not a music blogger, but I will highlight new artist and local superstars.

I’ve always enjoyed calling attention to friends, artists, tastemakers and those who need some shine. Basically, I like putting you on to what’s hot in my world. I see Hell In A Handbag as a platform for me to produce “The Forecast,” a local events listening I began in 2003.  The blog has given me the opportunity to showcase both standing, weekly events as well as unique, one-time events.

I want Hell In A Handbag to be the weblog chronicling my adventures and soulcialiting. From time to time I really enjoy life and good times with friends. I am truly blessed and My Life is Fabulous! Join the social experiment and let me show you how it’s done.

Check My Goodie Bag for music downloads to fill up your ipod.

Check The Forecast for unique, mostly, one-time only events taking place in the city and check The Forecast-Weekly, for recurring events.

About the Author

I’m a NERD that likes handbags, music, cars, and pop culture. I enjoy sports, and dressy occasions for going out – just for the cute pics. What else would a Soulcialite do???

I’m a pop culture and entertainment writer, business ‘broker’ entrepreneur, visionary, romantic, nerdy, self-conscious Superstar.

Don’t be fooled  by imitators. I am the Original, all others are poorly cloned replicas.

I’m available for comment; TheOriginalNajeema@gmail.com

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