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Soulcialite Series| Product Review: Body Wrap Shapewear

3 Jan

PRODUCT: The BodyWrap Shapewear Bra Slip with underwire that I purchased from

Soulcialite Product Review: Body Wrap Shapewear

Bodyshapers (no matter the brand) have become required wear for any woman concerned with making sure she looks absolutely flawless when she steps out in her finest.

Last night, I wore this bodyshaper (left) under my gown for the DC Mayoral Gala. And this particular product, FAILED terribly.

Now, luckily, the sins of this product were not visible to fellow celebrants. But it was evident to me every time I got up to dance.

But let’s back up. The product, which I purchased in a size Large (and if you know me, you should know I don’t need a large anything – except a handbag) was IMPOSSIBLE to get on. It’s neat in that the shoulder straps are removable, but that’s about it in the cool feature department.

I have to admit, I got it at a great price on {For other shopping on ideeli, join using this link: }

But I’ve gotten better wear and use from a product handed down to me from my Mother. More proof that they don’t make things like they used to.

I don’t think these products are made for people like me, with a few curves. The product was 1) difficult to put on 2) did not stay in place when I was wearing it and 3) was just as difficult to take off  as it was to put on.

So, in summary  Body Wrap Shapewear may have kept my stomach flat in my gown, but was much too uncomfortable !

Ladies, what products work well for you? Do you like Spanx, or do you rely on another brand?  Share your details and any funny stories.