Mirror Mirror on the Wall

7 Dec

Conducting a Life Assessment and Examining Personal Values

As a part of the #31dayReset, I will assess my life and identify the things that I value. The seven areas of the Life Assessment are lifestyle, work, education, finances, health, family, relationships.

So often we just live on autopilot. Well, no more for me, because autopilot leads to laziness and an unfulfilled life.  Time to shake things up by taking a real, true look at what’s working and what’s not. What do I stand for? What are my truths?

Once I identify these through a seven area life assessment, then I can discover what needs to be changed but also, what needs to be celebrated. 

I started the Life Assessment by conducting a basic brain dump (but I don’t like those words) – I made notes based on the emotional reaction that I had to each of these topics. I skipped around the page and wrote what I felt; I figured this would be more honest.  Some areas, like Family, had more notes than say Lifestyle, which had just one question, should I move into the city?

Overall my life is cool. Yeah, the whole point of this blog is to showcase how fabulous things are for me, but let’s face, life has its’ ups and downs.
So let me say that – Lifestyle – I’m not satisfied. I want more. 2010 really knocked me on my ass like no other year has. But this last month of the year, I’m dedicated to building an infrastructure for a new life and life leadership.

On the flip side, I have SO much to celebrate and be thankful for.  Earlier this year, I avoided losing my home. I also got promoted this year, and life events brought my family closer. I’ve also enjoyed success as a public speaker and have had the opportunity to partner with some great people to help move my blog forward.

– parts of this assessment are a bit to personal (or damning) to share, so just trust that I did it.

The next part of the exercise was to identify your personal values. What do you hold important in this life? The following are the ten Reset Values that I identified.
  • Faith
  • Leadership (service)
  • Economic security
  • Cultural experience
  • Sharing love in all my personal relationships
  • Professional success
  • Respect for the environment
  • International travel and world exposure
  • Building a loving family
  • Dedication to honoring my physical temple

Some of the things I identified as hates or loves in the personal assessment caused me to evaluate what type of values I hold and what type of life I want to live.

I’m a little behind, but this represents Days 2 and 3 of the 31 Days to Reset Your Life challenge.  I promise I’ll catch up.


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