Reset Your Life: 31 Day Challenge

2 Dec

Today is Day One of @HappyBlackWoman’s #31dayreset. This is a innovative combination of social media and personal challenge. To learn more about the challenge, check this:  

Rosetta Thurman sets the bar again with this social media integration into the field of personal development.

I’ve selected a notebook with the word ‘Create’ on the cover. I will dedicate it to exploring myself through the exercises of this challenge over the month of December.

So what 2010 didn’t go the way I expected it? Tomorrow is a new day and the 2011 is around the corner.

My Personal Mantra for the #31dayreset

“It begins today. I will live in the moment, breathe, pray, and have the kind of faith that involves the action of my feet.”

I was inspired to write this mantra about a year ago and I would like to use this #31dayreset to write some other affirmations.

Follow the #31dayreset hashtag on twitter.

If you’re looking to transform or to be inspired, follow this challenge as a part of my Transitions Diary.



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