#31dayReset Day One: Part Two

2 Dec

You all don’t really know how badly I needed this life reset. And it’s great to see that not only was I feeling this way, but so many other women were as well. I hope men see the value of this personal growth challenge and look beyond the name of the blog, Happy Black Woman

I’ve decided to craft a new series of Mantras to coincide with the areas of my life where I need some positive self talk. After my first Mantra, I wrote the following.

Don’t be a punching bag for anyone, least of all yourself. Speak kind, supportive and loving words to yourself. Nurture the divine spirit within.

Here is a picture of my Reset Journal. It was gifted to me by a friend after my husband’s death. It’s from a wonderful series; this is the Create Journal.


Here is the inside motivational message:

Creativity comes from exploring, dream, caring, growing, feeling, taking risks, breaking rules, asking “What if?” and having fun. This is the place to do it. Every day comes with a fresh supply of new ideas, insights and possibilities. Write them down.

Follow the #31dayreset on Twitter and be inspired!

I’m creating my best life now!


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