Interview| Do You Know Conya Doss ?

26 Oct

Blu Transition in Stores now| Photo Credit:

Conya Doss spoke to me from her cell phone, walking around the mall with her son, Landon Blu, part of the inspiration for her new album’s title, Blu Transition. We only had about 15 minutes and she was pretty strict with that. She was taking a break from recording Blu Transition 1.5, a more duet friendly version of her recently released CD.

I was surprised Conya was working on this project so quickly after having released the original CD. Usually, artists take a year or two to work on a ‘remix’ type project.  When I asked her about this, she told me that this new project was a way to put to life what she had envisioned for Blu Transition. This 1.5 version would allow her to work with other artists, as well as try a few new variations of the tracks including a “trip hop” version of Celebrate, the first track . I was intrigued by this, but the newness of it all through me for a curve. I was just getting used to the 14 track album.

Conya Doss is not a stranger to recording, her latest project is her fifth. Yet, many people have never heard of the singer from Cleveland, Ohio.  She doesn’t see her midwest location as an impediment to success. But she doesn’t like the misconception that the midwest isn’t a hot spot for local talent.  The midwest has ” hidden talent” in choreography and production, often “short lived outlets” she said, before pointing to main stream artists such as Van Hunt and John Legend.

I asked her to define success for this project and she told me that it was a bit unnerving waiting to see how your supporters will receive the new work. Will it be as well received as other projects? Conya recorded this while experiencing a number of transitions, including birth and death. During this time, recording was therapeutic; music was her ‘me time’ in an otherwise cloudy mental space.

Conya’s work with special needs children was also a subject I wanted to learn more about. I imagined it being both challenging and rewarding work. She told me that work was another refuge and provided a balance to other aspects of her life. She could be more creative and less traditional in her teaching.

I asked her about her greatest musical risk, and she told me about stepping out to independently record her second album, Just Because. She left the label behind to pursue her music her way. Without major label backing, independent artists have to rely on performances and word of mouth to advance. Conya told me that she has performed all over the world, but she still hasn’t been to Los Angeles or South Africa. Her touring schedule brings her to the DC area on Friday at the Venus Lounge. It’ll be quite the change from the hustle and bustle, toil and trouble that takes over Washington this weekend. Check her out. Tickets are available by clicking on the flyer at the top of the blog.

LivSuite presents: Autumn Soul Session

Ticket Price: $15 in advance/$25 at the door
Doors open at 5:00pm
Performances begin at 6:00pm
Tickets available here at
Additional Information at

You can also find Conya Doss on Facebook and on Twitter as { @conyaD }


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