All About Whipping My Hair (videos)

20 Oct

The last few weeks the internet has been abuzz with videos and posts about cute Sesame Street characters and bad “Ghetto Fab” Halloween Afro Wigs.  And just yesterday, Willow Smith’s official Whip My Hair video was released. (I’ve been looking at proposed choreography for that video for a few weeks now, and I like how the final product came together.)

Real Quick: It’s funny (by funny I mean sad) how black women can receive completely different messages in the span of two weeks. It went from your hair is beautiful on Sesame Street, to Kohl’s straight disrespecting our uniqueness the next week. Kohl’s was selling the Ghetto Fab wig and the twittersphere quickly took them to task. The offense was removed from their website after we told them we didn’t like it. Read Afrobella’s blog (linked above) to get more details.

Questions: how do you feel about the Kohl’s Ghetto Wig fiasco? Do you think we’re a little too excited about Willow Smith? Is her song age appropriate? or rather, should grown women calm down about a song from a 9 year old?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, let me hit you off with a few popular videos:

First up, Willow Smith (Signed to RocNation at age 9.)

Here is some cultural inspiration for Willow. Shout out to DJ Stylus that pointed this video out on Facebook. The head swinging movement is common in Ethiopian dance from the Oromo region.

Oromo Dance in Addis ( Yod Abbysinia )

Here’s a cute, age-appropriate rendition with choreography by Monica Warr & Kae J Choreography. This video has garnered over 1 million views.

Lastly, my favorite ‘proposed’ choreography for the Whip My Hair video. I little older for Willow, but dope nonetheless.


2 Responses to “All About Whipping My Hair (videos)”

  1. Leilani October 28, 2010 at 2:31 pm #

    I don’t see the problem with Willow’s video, this coming from a 24 year old with a 10 yr old nephew. I saw the video and I think it’s a cute fun video that kids can listen to without the parent worrying about any raunchy lyrics. It’s just like when Lil Mama came out with Lip gloss. Fun, safe music for kids. People are just reading too much into it.

    • Najeema November 1, 2010 at 11:44 am #

      Thanks Leilani for your comment. I agree, people are reading too much into it. It’s a cute kids video, which for some reason, is an empowering mantra for adults. I had a friend tell kid’s entertainment, rap/singing, whatever, was the wave of the future. I would have to agree in light of this video and Willow’s future stardom.

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