Kai Milla – Shop or Flop ?

5 Oct

Just a tad bit of gossip….but Page Six, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post, are reporting that Kai Milla Designs, the fashion line headed by the wife of Stevie Wonder is going under. Done. Kaput. (Their words, not mine)

That’s interesting, because she was at FBCGlenarden over the weekend, gifting all kinds of expensive looking clothes to the First Lady of the church. At the time Kai Milla mentioned that coming soon, her fashions would be in retailers like Nordstrom and Saks Jandel, not to be confused with Saks Fifth Avenue. Jandel carries high style and fashion from well-known names like Valentino, Yves St. Laurent, Max Mara and Michael Kors.

Now, I did find it odd that the promotional video played at the Beyond, Beyond Women’s Conference, to introduce Kai Milla was from last year. But the video boasted Kai Milla’s support from Michelle Obama, Oprah, Eva Mendes, and all the other ladies of color in Hollyweird.

According to the New York Post, “Milla’s last collection was for spring/summer 2010, and was presented during New York Fashion Week last September at the Museum of Art and Design at Columbus Circle.”

Apparently, KMDesigns owes Modeling agencies, production crews, design assistants, pattern makers, office and store landlords in New York and LA. But she has been unavailable and cannot be reached by phone or email. They should have been at FBC Glenarden on Saturday. Kai Milla, on the left in the picture above, perhaps became best known when the First Lady Michelle Obama wore a Kai Milla Design in February 2009 at the Library of Congress and at a Stevie Wonder performance at the White House.

On Saturday Kai MIlla gave a preview of what’s supposed to be in stores next year – fabulous formal wear and one of a kind suits. Some of the other features were scarves, capes, sparkly clutches, and a large leather hobo that of course caught my eye.

I did get one outfit idea – a cranberry sheath dress with a heather gray cardigan with a white belt. I love those pops of color. Let’s see if I can put that outfit together this season. I’ll be sure to take a pic and let you know!

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