The Fab Empire Shows DC How to Celebrate

10 Sep

Event Recap: DC Fab’s Three Year Anniversary Cocktail Party

I walked past the unassuming bouncer, down the stairs and into a packed Recess, the chic  location of  DC Fab’s Three Year Anniversary Celebratory Cocktail Party. I’m happy to say I was in the right place, meaning I saw a lot of familiar faces, fellow bloggers,  Public Relations, networking, and Nonprofit Professionals, college classmates, promoters, Intellectuals, and Soulcialites. The women were beautiful and the gents were fashionably styled. Fashion, politics, music and style combined to create a joyous, light  and airy atmosphere.

Joi Marie, the Editor in Chief of The Fab Empire, addressed the crowd close to 8pm, thanking Sponsors Remy and Carol’s Daughter and endorsing the Hair Milk.  I enjoyed one of many complementary Remy cocktails – The First Lady and hob-knobed with  friends only long enough to take a few pics.

Congrats to New Sales Director of The Warner Theatre

Promoters and Bloggers Celebrate DC FAB's Three Year Anniversary

Old Friends Reconnecting

Fellow Bloggers: Jasmine of & Leon of

The Ladies of Divas MPH {} and Yodit of

Danielle Belton of & Joi Marie, Editor in Chief - DC Fab

As I thought about writing this post, what I wanted readers to come away with was how authentic the mood was and how people truly celebrated DC Fab! That says a lot about the spirit of the staff and crew at The Fab Empire and they have created in DC Fab!  Bottom Line, this event was bliss – a great mix of the right people in a chic, exclusive setting.


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