Janelle Monae Brings Arch Android Back to DC (+ videos)

7 Sep

Janelle Monae on Tour with of Montreal this Fall, Returns to DC September 13 and 14th

Janelle Monae returns to DC on September 13th at the 9:30 Club to perform hits from her well heralded release, Arch Android.  I’ve covered JM before, from her high energy performance of Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy or questioning how original her style is.  One thing I won’t question is her talent.

SPIN Magazine writes,

Monae’s debut full-length, The ArchAndroid, was given nine out of 10 stars by SPIN. “Monáe can really sing; she could follow in Beyoncé’s designer pumps if she wanted, but she’s clearing a new path for black female entertainers,” we wrote. “She’s venturing so far away from soul that she’s come back around to it.”

In case you haven’t seen it, here is JM’s latest, Cold War.

JM will be on tour with a band that I only recently became familiar with, of Montreal, of the Athens pop-scene.  They’re not complete strangers to people of a darker hue –  more mature musical pallets have been familiar with of Montreal for some time now. Recently, they performed a new Mayfield-inspired track “Sex Karma” on Jimmy Fallon with (drumroll please) Solange Knowles.

WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING ON HERE ? Photo Credit: Suite903.com

{As much as I’d like to post this video for you, it simply won’t take, so, maybe the fact that Of Montreal performed in white face will encourage you to watch the video here. }


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