Longevity of Female Hip Hop Artists

2 Sep
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(Or, going in on Nicki Minaj)

Shout out to Stone of TheCouchSessions who got me thinking: Is LONGEVITY different for female hip hop artists than male hip hop artists?

The only reason I ask is because I watched a vid on the Rock the Bells lineup and RZA discussing how groups like WuTang should look to Metallica and Willie Nelson, who have fans across generations AND ARE STILL PERFORMING.

Does a woman’s “fading” beauty have anything to do with her current and long-lasting popularity in a the realm of hip-hop? Is a female rapper any different from the vixen that uses her body as her commodity?

I began to have a dialogue with a DJ, @Cam_Jus  who responded to my initial comment. We carried on more of the dialogue at The Couch Sessions.

Well, it’s almost like anything else, Cam. Women begin to have different responsibilities (marriage and/or children) that cause them to re-evaluate where the music business, recording, and touring plays in their lives. Lauryn is the perfect example of this (along with the going crazy part, of course). Roxanne Shanté decided to pursue a Ph.D. and higher education. Salt found the Lord and Pepa found (then lost) a man. JJFad, turned out to be just that. Kim & Remy went to jail. Rah Digga found out the dudes didn’t have her back like she thought.
Alright, none of these chicks were knock-outs.
I guess that’s not fair. One shouldn’t expect a Halle Berry looking brawd to pick up a mic and start rhyming. So, why are we mad when Nicki does it? (Let me stop back. Nicki Minaj has neither the looks or class that Halle Berry has.) I was only making a link between the uber-feminine. But are we mad at a ‘pretty’ female rapper? No, I’m mad a girl that used to parade herself as a boy and still talks about elicit sex acts with other females. Now, I love the gheis. But I’m not really a fan of a woman talking about what she does to another woman in her music. I’m just shocked by it. In 1994, Salt & Pepa, personal sheros of mine, sang Whatta Man. In 2010, Nicki is conspiring to pick up girls for Usher. What’s wrong with that?
Everything. People will argue that there is a place for everything in music. Well, I’m gonna say NO. My bigger concern is the affect music has our on the youth. What they see and hear today will influence who they will become thru many of the seemingly small decisions they make today.
That was a long way to say that it does come back to looks. No one is thinking WuTang is too old to be producing music, based on their looks. Yes, the guys still have it, and from Stone’s post, it sounds like Kim doesn’t, which is sad. So sad. Kim was legendary. So was Foxy. I still stand for my girl Dirty Harriett (Rah Digga), but going forward, Nicki Minaj won’t do for me.

BET’s My Mic Sounds Nice, a documentary on the female voice in hip hop will air in August and September.


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