Happy Black Girl Day Inspiration & BOSS Influencers Event

31 Aug

Happy Black Girl Day!

Update: The Happy Black Girl Day event is planned for today at Lounge of III, located at 1013 U Street, NW Washington, DC.{6-9pm}

SistaToldja of The Beautiful Struggler started this Holiday and it’s taken root in Washington through Pretty Brown Girl of Dirty Pretty Thangs. { @ThePBG } I’ve linked to her most recent Happy Black Girl Day post.

This post touches on a very personal health matter that she experienced and I have been exposed to – hypertension. But it also touches on Depression, that ugly mental health issue that we (the African American community) tend to ignore, or worse, stigmatize.

As I said on twitter today, I’m really proud (and scared) at the same time that so many people are opening up about their sadness and depression. Our health matters and apparently it is more closely related to our state of mind than we may know.

So, be happy Black Girls, and if you’re not, then get help to be happy. Use the following as inspiration!

Join Divas, MPH to celebrate the District’s most influential women at the Washington, DC leg of The BOSS Network’s “Inspired by Influencers Tour”. Proceeds from the tour will support HIV/AIDS education.

Be happy. Be healthy. Be a BOSS!

I’m happy to know both Kendell Kelly, Esq and Amanda Miller-Littlejohn of Mopwater PR.  These are amazing women in my circle. Celebrate them and Divas, MPH who I’ve covered previously, by showing what support you can. {website}

BOSS Influencers Event TONIGHT: Divas,MPH Fundraiser

Formspring Question: Who inspires you the most?

I’m inspired by people that are fearless and follow their dreams; People that have original ideas but respect those that come before them; People that listen wisely before speaking their mind; People that have big dreams but the courage to ask people for help when they need it; but most of all, those that over come fears they once thought were bigger than themselves.

Question? Answer.


One Response to “Happy Black Girl Day Inspiration & BOSS Influencers Event”

  1. EvolvingElle September 8, 2010 at 2:04 pm #

    Thanks for sharing this, Najeema. Depression is something that is considered taboo in our community, and like many other things we don’t discuss, it grows until it can’t be contained anymore. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this event, but I will keep an eye out for these ladies.

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