Transitions Diary or “The Unexamined Life”

3 Aug

Entry One

How will you stretch yourself? NeoSoul Lifestyle Experiment

Raptitude’s Rule # 39. Self-examination is the only path out of misery.

I’m eager to share the transformations in my life just like this blog is a compilation of the things that catch my attention, influence, and inspire me.

I’m experiencing a lot of transitions in my life. Over the past three years I’ve been married and widowed. I’ve slaved at work. I’ve been promoted to a new position, and now I’m looking to move into a differently demanding position. I’ve had greater opportunities for speaking engagements. I’ve fallen in and out of love with music. I’ve become closer with some friends and more distant with others.  I’ve seen loved ones transition on. I recognized my own parents’ mortality and realized there will be a time when they won’t be here.

Each of these activities created a great deal of stress and from time to time, included a strict deadline. This usually involves some level of procrastination on my part. Which only makes it more difficult for me to function. Ugggghhhh….stress.

In scouring twitter, I tweeted with a fellow Capricorn about the stress that we put on ourselves. Note: Despite the title of my blog, I am a Christian, and I find the zodiac and astrology to be as light and playful as the next person. I read this about my Capricorn self on twitter from @ZodiacFacts ” A #Capricorn appreciates difficult experiences because the most growth comes through them.

DANG. I let that sink in for a minute. I like being in pain? That’s how I interpret difficult experiences. Whether physical or emotional, difficult experiences equal pain to me.

There has got to be a better way to achieve growth. And then pops up….

The NeoSoul Lifestyle Experiment conducted by Blogger {@NeoSoulAlterEgo} August 1-7. It’s a seven day experiment that incorporates four elements: Restoration, Detoxification, Life Flow, and Karma.

On day two, I struggle to consume the required ounces of water for detoxification. But I  get it done. I am also successful at getting at least 7 hours of sleep. The experiment calls for 8. I’m going to aim for that tonight. I make some changes around my office to unclutter and de-stress but I don’t get to attacking my car or my bedroom. The bedroom, at least, needs dedicated hours.

Day 3 of the #NeoSoulLife Experiment

But I awake feeling well rested and at peace. I spend a few minutes in prayer and then make my way through the day.  I balk a little bit less about going to work, only a little.

It would be helpful if I knew what I was wearing when I woke up, thus picking out the outfit the night before. These are things I should do, I’ve known these tricks for years. Why am I not implementing them?

I also know that I should have food in the house for breakfast. It’s called breaking the fast for a reason.  If I expect my body to perform at top levels, I know I have to give it proper fuel. And exercise. I didn’t make it home for a walk before the end of daylight, so I had to skip that. My plan is to make it to Yoga today. That should address the Flow. As far as Karma is concerned, I finished up some thank you notes that were due.


What elements would you include in a lifestyle experiment? What do you do everyday to keep your sanity?

Follow #NeoSoulLife for the communities progress in developing and growing into our best selves.

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