#MusicMonday: Abby Dobson at Ben’s Next Door Tuesday (7.27)

26 Jul

Abby Dobson's Soulful Sounds Sparkle at Ben's Next Door (7.27)

You’d be sleeping on DC if you ever let the words “there’s nothing to do around here” come out of your mouth. Surfing through my email this morning, I received word that Abby Dobson will be performing at Ben’s Next Door, Tuesday, July 27th. The free show is scheduled for 9pm and it’s probably a good idea to make reservations.

Abby Dobson is a gem, and shares her name with another singer, which can make it difficult to find her on the web sometimes. I scrambled around to find a Youtube video on Ms. Dobson doing an LBoogie tribute. Alas, you can find her in DC, at Bens Next Door on Tuesday.

Some singers need to be surrounded by a variety of equipment to move people, but this powerful artist simply needs an audience.  She is one of those rare songbirds that effortlessly stimulate sensual, soulful and raw emotions using just her vocal instrument, a voice that you don’t just hear…you feel it.

No gimmicks. No studio manufactured antics. She is to soulful music an innovative and compelling force, a tender voice bringing people together….bringing you joy… through the gift of song.


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