formspring question: would you date a younger guy?

22 Jul

Everybody sing, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”

They say it's cool to be a cougar couple.

I used to date younger guys regularly and if I was up to dating anybody right now, I would be open to date a younger guy.

Maturity of mind and spirit means more to me than age.

This response on twitter inspired another round of conversations about Cougars and Pumas – Puma’s being not so older women that date younger men. I was only slightly familiar with the term, but I figured it out.

Vivica is DEF a Cougar | Photo Credit:

Later, I had a conversation with a friend who shared the story of her meeting and falling in love with a much younger man. She said that he was actually the aggressor and acted beyond his years. That sort of goes against what popular culture believes about this phenomenon. You let the media tell it and old women are falling over themselves to scoop up the youngest hottest thing out there.

While I’m not there, I like the Puma designation. It’s cute. Women in their thirties should be free to date younger men as they see fit.

Linda Franklin, author of “Don’t Ever Call Me, Ma’am: The Real Cougar Woman Handbook” was featured in Essence on this very topic. According to her research, older women have more choices now and enjoy being with mature younger men. Ultimately, tho, those younger men end up having the old man issues that the cougars were trying to escape in the first place. It all comes around.

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3 Responses to “formspring question: would you date a younger guy?”

  1. Rhonda July 23, 2010 at 8:46 am #

    I agree with your sentiment that maturity of mind and spirit is more important. My fiancee is 4 years younger than me and I couldn’t see me being with anyone else.

    • Najeema July 26, 2010 at 11:07 am #

      Oh, that’s so sweet. Age doesn’t mean what people THINK it does. Life may have called a younger person to experience more or be more responsible than someone many years their senior. I’ve also experienced that younger men tend to treat the older woman that they are seeing with more compassion and respect. They (younger men) recognize and respect the wisdom the women have.
      Thanks for reading and sharing.

  2. Notorious Spinks July 30, 2010 at 9:19 pm #

    I definitely would. We can date but I’m not sure about marrying. Date, let us go…

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