I need to apologize to The Dream

19 Jul

My bad homie.

I jumped the gun. I called you out for some stuff that I had no business inserting my 41 cents in. I called you fat, nasty, ugly and a CHEATER. Again, my bad.

When I heard you had been pushed to the limit, and even considered suicide. I eased up.

Hey, I’ve been where you are. Kinda. My situation is slightly different from yours, hell, I don’t really know, but the point is I’ve been married. And there were rough times. I can relate.

But I had no business being mad at you coz I thought you cheated. I guess I was mad that the pretty girl got cheated on. That’s not supposed to happen.

But I took a minute to read your letter and I felt the sincerity, although the brevity, of your text and emotions. Through your words, I heard you crying out, as I’ve cried out time after time.

You apologized and accepted responsibility for your part. But you also reminded us of the most important thing. It’s nobodies business but you and Christina’s.

But you didn’t fail Terius as long as you gave it all you could. People are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Just love and cherish that beautiful little baby you made and keep making bangers in the club for me to dance to.

As an added bonus, I’m gonna play your new single, Makeup Bag because I saw you perform it on late night TV and I like songs about handbags.

Please accept my apology.

A fan of “putting it in the bag.”


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