Smart Chicks Brunch: Ambition.Brains.Candor

9 Jul

{Late Event Review}

Exhausted from a night of blogging and recovery from a previous night of debauchery, I woke up with enough time to be an hour late to a smart chicks brunch at Utopia, a tangential event of CASRAM’s first week.

Two tables were filled with eager, friendly, and talkative women. Smart women- students, business owners, social media managers, artists, government employees, and non-profit professionals.

I reconnected with several of my blogging sisters at the event, and performance artist Holly Bass.

I met Adrienne Finks, owner of Touch of Soul Coaching. We talked about how she got into Lifestyle coaching and even set up a chance for us to have a one-on-one. I think I could really use some assistance to identify and focus on my goals.

We engaged in spirited and personal conversations about our goals and our jobs. There were the expected conversations about hair, including one attendee that had just gotten a Keratin treatment.

The brunch was also a chance to showcase and highlight local jewelry makers. Attendees were instructed to bring cash in case something caught our eyes. And I can tell you, they did. Here are pics from jewelry makers Tatjana and Mother of Men  (as seen in South Africa Fashion Week and ARISE magazine):

For pics of the event, click HERE.


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