The World Should Prepare itself for the Return of Lauryn Hill (+ Vid)

6 Jul

Photo Credit: NPR

It’s inevitable. Or at least I pray it is. My favorite, the most dynamic, female rapper of any generation has been making a greater buzz as of late, from recent interviews on NPR and the announcement that she will perform her epic work, The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill on the Rock the Bells tour this summer.

NPR recorded an All Things Considered interview, in it’s documentary style, on our beloved Lauryn Hill. The audio corresponds with an article on the NPR website, here.

After about six minutes, you actually hear from Lauryn, Ms. Hill.

The Many Voices of Lauryn Hill, from NPR All Things Considered, is also transcribed in an article with other audio treats including nugguts on her creative process and on being both a singer and a rapper.

Digging around on the net, I found footage from her performance at the Harmony Festival 2010 in Santa Rosa, CA in June.

Don’t forget, Ms. Lauryn Hill, or LBoogie, will be recreating The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill as a part of the Rock The Bells Tour, coming to a city near you, and to DC in August.


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