so if you could pick up any instrument right now, and play it like youve been playing it your whole entire life… what instrument would it be? and why that one?

30 Jun

This is a hard one. I have 3 choices. Let me see if I can decide.
Drums have always been powerful to me. I’d pick up a pair of sticks in a minute and make a funky beat. This is what I groove to when I dance.
I had a fascination with a bass guitar and was even gifted a used one in a move. I never took the lessons. #fail.
Lastly, and this one doesn’t entirely count, but I would love to pick up the piano again. I took lessons as a child for about 6 years. I was no prodigy. I was ok. But I liked using bigger muscles, and I quit piano for basketball in the 9th grade. *Sigh* I never went anywhere with that either.
So, while my Mom would probably be delighted if I came home and played that piano, I’m gonna have to lean with the drums.

What have you been dying to ask me?


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