Formspring Question: your dream car?

24 Jun

Right now, my dream car is a Mercedes CLS500 in Teal or Champagne. They called this car Cialis when it came out because it was so sexy. I agree, years later, I’m STILL on it. I swoon!

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A close second is the BMW x6 – so hot! I’m a little rugged and this car mixes class and sophistication with utility. This car debuted at the Detroit Auto show in 2008 and I saw it on the streets for the first time late last year. I REALLY dig it.

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LAST- I’d love to drive the new Porsche Panamera. I fell in love with Porsche from the movie Sixteen Candles and made it reality when I met and fell in love with Prince Charming. Then, this year I saw the Panamera on the streets of Chinatown. I heard TI bought one for Tiny. Cute. I’ll be buying my own.

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What have you been dying to ask me?


One Response to “Formspring Question: your dream car?”

  1. JEspy June 25, 2010 at 9:25 am #

    Porsche has long been my dream car of choice. Another on my Super Duper wishlist is anything Maybach (

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