in my bgirl stance

16 Jun

I think I’m gonna showcase my sneakers at CASRAM (can a sista rock a mic).

Ok, I have two pairs. That’s not a lot, but it’s only recently that I’ve decided to kick off my heels and relax with a pair of Nikes.

I’m late to the sneaker game. Celebs have been on it. I’ve been too busy being a Soulcialite while bgirls been gettin fresh with their footwear. But I’m an OG. I had to give up sneakers for fashionable work flats and stunning stilettos since 2000.  But 2010 is here, and since I’m going in a different direction, all around, I’m going to add fly footwear to the list.

Nike is my preferred brand. But from the looks of it, the Simmons’ Pastry gear is real fresh. And everytime I turn my head, a pair of  Asics is catching my eye.

I grew up on Nike, sports-wise. I used Nike basketball and cleats for track and field. Yes, I had skills. Don’t let the short skirt fool you.

I got to college and learned about $54.11s. But Reeboks were never as cool to me.

And Timbs (Timberland boots) , I had a few buttah pairs.
I was heavy into hip hop then, we all were. Mom thought it was to boyish. ‘coz Timbs and sneakers went with baggy jeans and grey sweatpants – what would be my uniform in college, further fueling rumors that I was from DC.

That flair ended when I actually made it to DC. My new crew didn’t do baggy. And I figured it was time to transition.

Now I’ve reached the wise old age of —- hell, now it’s 2010! And back when dudes started balling out with sneakers that cost several hundred dollars and females traded baggy jeans with fitted ones to accompany the kicks, the whole game changed. And I was too busy being a grown-up.

It’s June and time for a sista to rock a mic.  She can do it wearing whatever she wants to … forgive me for connecting this festival with hip hop, but that’s just the link in my mind. So, with that said, I’m gonna rock a pair of sneakers to at least one CASRAM events that I attend. Week 2 Schedule HERE

Sneakers are function and liberating. For a decade now, I’ve stuffed my feet into tight, restrictive, and dangerously high heels to the point where my little toes seem to disappear. I use yogatoes from time to time to bring these little piggies back to life. They spread my toes to a healthy point of separation and make it so I can count all ten of them. Miraculous.

Sneakers, or kicks are fun and fashionable in addition to being functional. I wore a pair to the DC Week Opening party. And here I am standing with the blog editor, in my bgirl stance.

too fresh - i was just feeling some kinda way

Check out the fresh Nike's I'm wearing here.

ladies and gents, what are some of your favorite sneaker makers? Was there a pair you just had to have? Are these uber expensive shoes ridiculous, or should you be able to rock ’em if you can buy ’em?

I’m gonna keep picking up fresh Nikes on sale. Holla if you see a pair I should have.


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