#MusicMonday Dj Dhundee Reworks Drake’s Over

14 Jun

Music from DJ Dhundee (Everythings Over)

I always enjoy finding new music to get me thru the day, and long days they are. So, I’m excited every Music Monday to present you with something new.

Also, it seems fitting with Drake’s recent concert in the District. Now, I don’t know who WENT to the show, seeing that the tickets were$45 dollars.  I do know that the line for the show was bananas on Sunday night, and that the doors opened at least an hour late. #fail

From the artist’s website:

1st things 1st this is (All orignal material).
I was working on producing a heavy hiphop, dubstep track. Once that was done I went searching my library for vocals and I grabbed Drake’s “Over”. I chopped and re-edited lots of the his vocals and once I was got going I realized how dark and heavy the track was becoming. I had no choice to re-name it “Everythings Over”. You can check out more of my productions here: www.djdhundee.com

Here are pics from the Drake show, thanks to DCFab’s post

Drake Sells Out the 9:30 Club


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