I Learned Sassy From This Woman

5 Jun

Golden Girls Star Rue McClanahan Dies at 76

I’m sad to see the friend in my head, the sultry southern embodiment of sassy and sexy, a cougar before it was popular, Rue McClanahan, pass away. She was 76 years old.

This lady taught me Sassy and secretly, was my muse for Sexy. My mother and I enjoyed this show together. (Two odd sentences to follow one another, right.) And she would chuckle at Blanche’s seduction. Even as a young girl, I marveled at this older white woman’s freedom and her bravado surrounding her hold over men.

The internet is ablaze with memories, clips, and celebrities remembering Rue. People asked if she was anything like her character. Perhaps she did come close- she played Blanche DuBois in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ at the Pasadena Playhouse. McClanahan was married six times and wrote a book – “My First Five Husbands … And the Ones Who Got Away.”

Here’s a clip of some funny moments:

Here are some of my favorite Blanche Devereaux lines

Family you can see anytime, but a one night stand only happens one night!

Blanche: There is a fine line between having a good time and being a wanton slut. I know. My toe has been on that line.

Rose: Can a woman love two men at the same time?
Blanche: Well set the scene, have we been drinking?

After The Golden Girls left the air, she returned to the stage in the Broadway hitWicked in 2005 and had guest roles on series like Law & Order and Murphy Brown as well as the films Starship Troopers and The Fighting Temptations. But nothing will ever top her role onGirls. McClanahan told EW in 2005, “I knew that I was doing something revolutionary in its quality, but I had no idea of the effect that it was going to have.” Source: http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/06/03/rue-mcclanahan-dies-at-76/

Rue McClanahan as Blanche Devereaux


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