My Post on Hair: Gent’s Mens Grooming Info Inside

2 Jun

Any day of the week, you’re likely to find hair dressers hard at work on Black women’s hair across the country. This weekend, I squeezed into the last chair in my neighborhood Dominican Salon for a much needed wash and set.

My hair was recently trimmed (read cut or restyled) into layers and I’m having a hard time maintaining a straight hairstyle. I prefer a set, call me old school, but in my opinion, they just last longer. So, Sunday, I was hoping my Dominicans at Star could work the magic like they normally do, adding life to my frail dull razor sharp haircut.

At the same time, I looked around and saw all types of services being performed. Now, some salons get a bad rep. I think people have the opinion that Dominican salons aren’t legit for one reason or another. Let’s just hope all permits and licensures are up to date. I trust these salons with a wash & set, but I can’t say I trust them with much more. Truthfully, you’re not doing a cut or color on my hair if we don’t share the same native tongue. It’s a chance I can’t take.

So, I look *sideways* at black women who don’t have a stylist the can trust enough to perm or relax their hair, apply color treatments, put in or remove weaves. And we wonder why we continue to have issues with our hair health. Consistency is key, and trust me, I know where I fall short.

I witnessed a woman, who appeared to walk in off the street, and not really be familiar with the salon, come and get tracks cut out of her hair. Call me naïve.  And someone tell me why I saw a 14 year old getting a full weave when she has a head full of hair? (It’s a matter of choice- and who am I to judge).

My workouts have been causing havoc on my hair over the last few weeks and I am considering a number of hair solutions, including a weave. I have a few hang ups myself about getting a weave, again, because I’m no stranger. But I’m also cheap (frugal), and impulsive, which can often lead to a very compromising situations. Did I ever tell you about the time I died my hair orange like Faith? Another time, another time.

But I’ve found two new resources I want to put you on to, and guys, one of this is strictly for you. Let me get to the gents before I lose their interest.

Frederick Benjamin Men’s Grooming

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet with Alex Sutton of Frederick Benjamin. I was recently introduced to the men’s products at a blogger event that I recently covered. I was more interested in getting my homegirl (below) connected with him, cause, I don’t really write about hair, but that is about to change shortly, for a short time. 🙂

But, about Frederick Benjamin’s Men’s line.
I was very interested in this line because it’s the first natural line aimed at men of color with textured hair. But it’s also a unisex product – I mean really guys, are we not gonna share the shampoo ? The product are all natural – another plus for concerned women. And they smell fantastic. Products are crafted free of petroleum and mineral oil and other drying alcohols. Active ingredients include clove, speariment, nettle and hemp seed. Frederick Benjamin Grooming is designed for men with discerning tastes. It’s about refinement, according the Frederick Benjamin.

The products are developed by Michael James, who spent a lifetime at Revlon and L’Oreal before recognizing that his true passion was in developing products for people like himself. ” He knows first hand the power of personal appearance and the effect that quality products can have on a person’s attitude and outlook.” James named the company after his grandfather, a Southern business owner who navigated racism and the Great Depression with savoir-faire, grace, style, and an unmatched business acumen.

Frederick Benjamin is currently experiencing a powerful wave of success, having partnered with Michael Craig – a DC man of style, as recently recognized by Gillette. {See my post on the Men of Style Awards} A big part of that has to do with business partner Alex’s Sutton’s business training and his passion for the product. It’s a family affair, James and Sutton are cousins. And the products are finding their way in ethnically diverse barber shops and beauty salons up and down the East coast.

I’ll have more on Frederick Benjamin in an upcoming post, but in the meanwhile, check their website and find their Facebook fan page.

Support for a Sista’s Hair Blog

For so long, I was like the celebs in Chris Rock’s Good Hair- hooked on the creamy crack. I first got a relaxer as a Senior in high school. For 17 years prior to that I needed no chemical treatments. Now, my first stop for all things hair care now is the Natural Girl Diaries, a blog by my friend SouthernBelle44. And I can say that for one year now, I have been relaxer free. There are days I can say that I miss it, and other days when I feel like I guess I never needed it.

SouthernBelle44’s Blog is about options for women with natural hair, and minus my last color, which at this point, I don’t plan on repeating, I LOVE color, I mean I LOVE it. But as I look at a vibrant picture of myself from just one year ago, it’s clear that I need to leave the color alone and stick with my natural hair color.

I am convinced that the chemicals leave my hair wanting and needing repair. Now, I agree, it’s all about maintenance. Clearly that is a huge part of the hair care investment, and I believe that this is the area where many women fall short. You can’t have a radical treatment to your hair and then never go back to your stylist for follow up. What is it, wishful thinking? Very foolish.


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