National Poetry Month: I Share

17 May

I took the 30day Poetry challenge but did not complete the 30 posts for the thirty days. It was an excellent exercise to jump-start some creativity. I moved between poetry and prose, and I had the chance to express some sincere emotion.
I Share
Caveat: Most poems are untitled

The complexion
False connection
Covered eyes
Telling lies
deception without correction
Passing in a different way.
The audacity.
Written 4/7/10 12:34pm

The S Word Exercise
Written the day CurtS lost his phone (maybe). No relation.

Chasing Pain
You’ve manipulated me
crisscrossing my feelings
leaving both of us with
headaches + pain

And tomorrow you’ll
confuse me again.
Being inconsistent with your
leaving me
Written: 4/1/10

i live
i dance     i run
i move      i sprint
i turn        i turn
i curve     i burst
i twist      i lunge
i bend     i sprint
Written 4/16/10

No one to hold close
on cold nights
Imposter lovers don’t do it right.
Fooling you with batting eyes
and giving your heart a fright.
Imposter love affairs.
Falling in love was not too bright.
Written 4/27/10

Dangerous behaviors
Masquerading as love.
Written: 5/2/10

A twitter associate @Wisemath posted some of his poetry for National Poetry Writing Month, and I’m happy to share his posts.


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