#MusicMonday Review: The Talented

17 May

IF I forgot, an event at the end of the April, The Talented, reminded me that Hip-Hop, which I’ve renamed hipPOP, is multicultural and younger than me. Hip hop has its’ fans and followers : Black, White, Asian, Jewish.  It’s populated by ‘kids’ who wear counter-culture styles, thrift store wares mixed with designer labels.  They are not afraid to take chances that grown folks, like myself, cannot. Tattoos in odd, revealing places, and mohawk hair styles.  Again, things I cannot wear.
But my seniority got me an ole lady seat in the front row.

About the event

DYDC presents…
THE TALENTED :: An artist collaboration performance project, where artists from all genres can join to showcase their related talents in one cohesive exhibit. Under the guise of a raw, and intimate musical performance, The Talented allows artists from disciplines that are usually overshadowed, to come to the forefront, a new outlet for talents to showcase their craft. By fusing the exhibits with a raw musical performance, in a super intimate space, the works of these artists can be displayed and celebrated as they revolve around and relate to each other. Here, they can highlight themselves to a private audience and the world.
Feat. Phil Ade :: Christian Rich x UCB + special guest :: Soundtrack by Jerome Baker III

Hosted by Jabari, who claimed that events like these, The Talented, would not have happened five years ago. I beg to differ! TRUE Hip hop has been alive and well in Washington, DC for years, and events like these have been and continue to be produced in the District.

Wouldn’t be HipHop if there wasn’t a bit of misogyny.
You know that after Christian Rich didn’t get the response he wanted from the crowd, his set turned to a hard core stripper tribute called Stacks, where he choose a couple of females from the audience to add to the atmosphere. He called one girl, Juju by name. She had the good sense not to embarrass herslef. One other sister apparently didn’t. She was appropriately dressed in her peacock leggins and gold skripper heels when it was tip to dip it low, she knew her cue.

Christian Rich, a set of brothers, finished their set with UCB. Repping their affiliation with StarTrek, Christian Rich received a lukewarm reception at The Talented, but DC is a hard crowd.

Phil Ade took the stage next with DJ 2Tone Jones. He started the set with the single, Replay off of his Starting on JV Mixtape. That mixtape is available on 368 Music Group website

Phil Ade got more crowd participated and explained the concept behind Starting on JV and informed us that the next mixtape/album will be entitled, Letterman. He followed up with some freestyles and enjoyed Ciroc cockails, as we all did. 368 Also has a  full recap of Phil Ade’s performance, pics and all. HERE

Phil Ade closed out the set with the single, Hollywood, a song about fame and consideration and artists loose their focus and lose sit of what’s truly important.

Phil’s a talented wordsmith, no denying that. But, in my opinion, there will need to be an outstanding work, or event to move this budding artist to the next next level. With the support of 368 Music Group, I’m sure it will only be a matter of time.


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