My Graffiti Obsession, Prepping for DC Week (june 11-20)

3 May

I’m getting ready to present on Social Media for Non-Traditional Users for Digital Capital Week in June. The week if filled with incredible projects which seek to push DC to a new level of technological exposure.

Purpose: to help you find things to do that can transform the very heart of our national’s capital through projects that are fun, important, hard, easy, weird, inside, outside, creative, technical and everything in between.

This week is supposed to be an ‘action week’ meaning, there are lots of service projects including pro-bono consulting, collection, repair, and distribution of computers, and create opportunities for collaboration on design and development.  But one of the other very cool projects is one that maps and exposes the graffiti in Washington, DC.
Normally viewed as unsightly and disruptive, graffiti is a powerful medium of expression and a creative artistic force. In my little research, I made the following notes.

Graffiti artists tag: doors, trains, bridges, vacant buildings, between metros
They tend to focus on the subjects such as: political figures, pop culture figures, and even candy.
Some popular messages are: political, rebellion, peace (anti-war), homelessness, DC statehood, and environmental issues
I have observed that graffiti artists use: spray paintprint and cut, and postal stickers as their tools or mediums. 

To get involved in the graffiti mapping project for Digital Capital Week, visit and   specifically on the project under

Projects and Experiences     In fact, why don’t you JUST CLICK HERE if you’re interested. 

Shout out to I was strolling over there today for music and came across this story and video on a Graffiti artists.

In DIY America, Juxtapoz’ Craig Stecyk, KR, Todd James, Sleezer, Epso and Earsnot talk about the history and spread of graffiti, as well as what motivates them to create it. “Roots and Drive” – highlights graffiti starting from its early hip hop roots in New York  – to its present times. You can watch the video on 
And then, not to disappoint, my friends over at WBL are having an event aimed at the graffiti / hip hop/ alternative culture lover.
WBL and the 2DK L.A.B. Present
Graff –n- Dance
Featuring- Winner take all free-style dance contest
Graffiti art gallery
Wii Play360 video game tournament
DC premier of a short film by John Tsombikos
And a live performance by Inner Loop Records recording artist K-BETA
Plus- Complimentary copy of On The Home Front the debut album from The L.A.B. with paid admission!

Admission is $10
with DJs – 4D, Cuzzin Greg, Matt Stackswell, and Kier on the wheels
and a special tribute set dedicated to Guru of Gangstarr by DJ R.B.I.

OG Approved

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