Major News Outlets GET IT WRONG- wrong picture of Obama Mistress

2 May

What happened to Responsible Journalism ?

Major news outlets reporting about President Obama’s alleged affair with political fundraiser and 2004 Senate race aide, Vera Baker, are posting the WRONG PICTURES. Pictures of Baker have been removed from the web, and instead, outlets have incorrectly posted pics of Irene Schwoefferman, of Portland, Oregon. Schwoeffferman. Ms.Schowoefferman is a graduate of Howard University and is currently employed in the political arena in Washington, DC.
Photo Credit:
A present search of Vera Baker’s name currently display pictures of Ms. Schwoefferman.

The only reason I am writing this post is to point out to the media outlets that the current picture they are using is incorrect. I am very disappointed at the journalism that is putting an acquaintance of mine in a poor personal and political situation. 

I don’t even want to call attention to the alleged affair between the President and Ms Baker, whomever she may be. Apparently, her company website, has been removed and is now being parked by . Here is a snippet of the now defunct website.

Ironically, is reporting the National Enquirer story. As if they need to be spreading the foolishness. I’m of the opinion that this controversy is the result of John Edwards affair and Rielle Hunter’s recent appearance on Oprah. Please, let’s not try to tear the First Family apart.


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