Foursquare Rewards The Soulcialite Life

1 May

Being a Soulcialite has it’s responsibilities and advantages. Foursquare rewards you

In an unexpected development last night, I gained two badges; which I guess makes up for the fact that I did notreceive the gym rat badge. That was a major disappointment for me yesterday. I’ve been chasing that badge and it’s done a lo to contribute to my health. Who would have thought that chasing a gym badge would have me more fit, eager to maintain my mayorship and get this badge.

So, when I didn’t get it yesterday, despite the fact that this should have been my 10th checkin in 30 days, I was fairly disappointed. But then in my worldwind Soulcialitism last night, I received two badges unexpectedly upon checkin.

The third stop of the night bought me the Bravo Newbie badge, at Layla Nightclub. Now, I know many of you outside of DC are not familiar with Layla, and it’s a beautiful looking lounge, inside, but it’s in a very questionable part 0f town. I attended a private party and was delighted to find out that this checkin was a Bravo Newbie hotspot. Ah, the benefits of the Soulcialite life.

I’m doing some more research to find out exactly why Layla Lounge is a Bravo location. There is no information on the club the Bravo Foursquare page. But I did find this cool video that shows the first Foursquare and Bravo collaboration. Cool!

Here’s what I got when I checked in.

My Prize for The Soulcialite Life

And then it was time for the night to move and I headed to Jin Lounge for a birthday party. Foursquare rewards you for being a good friend, and soulcialite, when you wish 5 people happy birthday upon checkin to locations, you receive the 16 Candles Badge. Here’s what it looks like:

Happy Birthday To You, A Badge for Me

So, clearly, all this partying around DC has benefits, for promoters and for retail locations. I’m still curious as to the Layla Lounge and Foursquare connection, and I’ll continue to investigate that. But, as a Soulcialite, Foursquare has it’s advantages. And I love it!


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