Escape to Harlem Saturday March 20, 2010

20 Mar

Attention Everyone, we all have the unique opportunity to escape to Harlem for the day with two very special events that celebrate the distinctive characteristics of African American culture and celebrate our rich cultural heritage and contributions to world culture and the artistic experience. 

Riskat Okedeyi of Lil So So Productions creates When Harlem Came to Paris at the Alliance Franciase and The Kennedy Center welcomes The Dance Theater of Harlem to perform pieces from the Residency Program. 

When Harlem Came to Paris, a cultural event in Washington, D.C. that seeks to transport the curious into the jazz age and the world of the architects of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and ‘30s. Putting them in Paris 1920s.
Tickets may still be available at the door 

2142 Wyoming Avenue, NW-WDC        


Kennedy Center Millennium Stage 6pm  
Free Performance, No ticket needed

       Kennedy Center 

Dance Theatre of Harlem    

         A Pre-Professional Residency

   Participants in the program, now celebrating its 17th anniversary, culminate their 20 weeks of study with a choreographed performance and master class.

More about When Harlem Came to Paris:

This year’s event is set in 1926, with a focus on contributors to the magazine, “Fire”, a short-lived avant-garde Negro literary publication considered highly controversial. It was a time when the characters were not yet the famous entities that we know them to be, but aspiring artists in their early, unpolished, wilderness years. 

THE CAST OF THE 2010 EDITION:  Dorothy Tene Redmond as Mamie Mason, Richard Davis as Wallace Thurman, Risikat I. Okedeyi as Zora Neale Hurston, John Murph as R. Bruce Nugent, Michele Lee Gray as Dorothy West, Roger Bonair-Agard as Claude Mckay, Dana Kristina-Joi Morgan as Lillian Hardin-Armstrong, Dr. William E. Smith as W.C. Handy, Ne’a Posey as Ma Rainey 

In addition to all of the theatrics, music and food, “When Harlem Came to Paris” also features a silent auction. Curated by Sharon J. Burton of Authentic Contemporary Art, this year work by featured artist James Terrell will be available for bid on Saturday, March 20th. Unlike his predecessors who often were not able make a living off of their art, WHCTP is excited to feature such talented artist, who will not only reap the financial benefits of the auction, but also donate a portion of the proceeds to theAlliance Francaise’s ABEI Foundation.
Want to know how to get the 1920’s Harlem Look, LilSoSo and stylist took the time to put together a cheat sheet for you. Check HERE

Read the Ebony/Jet piece on When Harlem Came to Paris 
Read the Washington City Paper piece on When Harlem Came to Paris

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