SnowPlay: I Just Couldn’t Take it Anymore

17 Feb

SnowPlay February 10, 2010

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the East coast has been stuck under one of the worse storms that the we’ve ever seen. I’m usually not fond of snow, particularly since I’m from a place where we wear shorts the day after Christmas. But hey, what can I do? I live in DC now. 

After five days, something beyond CabinFever set in. I grew up as an only child, so spending time by myself, even for extended periods, isn’t a problem at all. But I had to let off some steam. Thursday morning was the aftermath of the long, nearly 12 hour snowfall. I had to get up and be deliberate in clearning the walk and making the house safe and accessible. I say safe for this purpose: 

Icicles on my 3rd floor window, right above the front door.

WORSE than the movie, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to do something and do something big! 

Clearing off the driveway and the front steps became my first priority of the day, when it hit me that I should share my hills with everyone. And thus, #SnowPlay was born. I hopped on the phone, called my best friend and encouraged her to bring her skis down. Then I sent a mass text telling everyone else the place and time for fun in the sun and snow. 

After folks arrived, the adventurous ones set out for the Hills! With snowboard in tow, I hit the slopes for the first outing since last ski season on bad icy snow. There were some ups and downs, some spills and thrills, and some snow angels. Good times!

I even made a video ….

After the adventure outside, and despite my incredible fatigue, I slaved in the kitchen to prepare a nice homecooked meal for my guests.  

On the menu was House Salad, Turkey Spaghetti and Sweet Peppers and Mushroom Sauce with House Greens (zucchini, green peppers, & spinach) Southern Tea+ Bordeaux cookies
After the meal, the itis set in, and guest had a hard time staying awake. My Remedy – Raheem DeVaughn’s latest mixtape, available at 368 Music Group

Guests really rocked to the mixtape and I had a chance to tell Raheem how much I loved it the next day on WPGC.  One of my favorite tracks from the CD is “Take Home” by Uptown X.O.

After snowplay, food, and music, guest settled into lively games of Spades (of course) and Uno.  I swear, Black people and Spades. There was so much TRASH Talking. And it didn’t help that the next card game, Uno, was the bootleg version and not the one we remember as children. There were hardly any words on any of the cards.  I searched for a more suitable set. Ahhh, old school.

At 7:00pm OPM announced that the Federal Government would be open.  So, unfortunately, the evening could not go on for eternity, but we sure did have a great time at #SnowPlay
Enjoy this video below on #snowpocalypse  #snowmaggedon #snOverit #SnowMas #snowverkill etc etc.

A short by Nathan Golon and Jordan Gantz. Shot in Washington, DC on February 6, 2010.
Music: I Think Ur a Contra by Vampire Weekend –

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