REVIEW: Sade’s Soldier of Love, Tracklists, TV Appearances

9 Feb

Music’s distant but reigning Queen of Sultry Soul, Emotion, Pain, and Love returns with the band’s first album in nearly 10 years.

I have a sin to confess. I’ve been in position of this CD for weeks now. It was passed on to me; I didn’t boast about having it; nor did I openly pass it on. If you mentioned you wanted it, well then….

Initially the buzz surrounding the new release was overwhelming for me. I was offended by the number of tracks that had been leaked and pirated on the internet. Closer to February, Sony figured out that it needed to get ahead of the Internet leaks and streamed about 4 new songs on their website.

Purists refused to listen to anything. I couldn’t resist. I’ve been a Sade fan since 1985. I needed to hear the music, to hear her voice, to eagerly taken what lesson’s the band’s songs would share. Sade always had a way of speaking directly to my situation {even as a child}. That’s how I feel about Soldier of Love, the single.

Perfect timing, with open, yet mysterious lyrics (Sade will make you reach for a dictionary) this is not the album for the first time listener. More seasoned fans will find familiarity in the CD. Sade,  (the band) didn’t depart from the formulate that has been working for them for the last 25 years.

Sade Graces the Cover of German Rolling Stone -February 2010

The album opens with The Moon and the Sky a song I was able to play on repeat countless times. Never has an album opened with such a familiar sound. It’s like the band hasn’t been off of the scene for nearly 10 years. Somehow they maintained the style that they’ve been known for, yet contemporary at the same time. After the opening track, the horns, piano and drums of Soldier of Love blast through. I scream the chorus because, I am love’s soldier!” I’ve been torn up inside, I’ve been left behind/ So I rise, I have the will to survive.”

While the album is much anticipated and has been highly regarded, I’m not sure it ranks up there with my favorite Sade albums. But this isn’t the type of artist that you can pass judgment on immediately. The writing, the song making, mean something specific to the band, who am I to make any type of comment. But parts of the album will have to continue to grow on me. I’m struggling to find a common theme, or a feeling that rides throughout the CD. This only comes with close examination and a study of the lyrics and that takes time.

Morning Bird follows Soldier of Love; the track opens like Pearls from Lover’s Rock. The song pushes on and Sade follows (or leads) vocally.

As with any Sade CD, I reserve the right to despise a song, and that song on this album is Babyfather. Much like Clean Heart from 1988’s Stronger than Pride, it just doesn’t sit well with me. That doesn’t diminish from the song, it’s just a ritual between me, the band, and Mama Sade.

After track 4, Babyfather, the CD takes a slow tempo, with Sade’s familiar falsetto and beautiful melodies.  A bit of a theme begins to emerge here, all of these songs are about discovering and then overcoming heartbreak. Slow dance to Long Hard Road and Be that Easy then bounce as the CD picks up again with Bring Me Home. Pick yourself up. “Turn my angry sword against my heart and set me free.” 

Freedom also emerges as a theme to Soldier of Love. Such an interesting contrast, the Soldier theme, normally fighting a war, in this case, fighting for love. The last four songs of the CD envelope you as the best of Sade, what you’ve been longing for, starting with Bring Me Home. “The small step I need to take is a mountain.” And the lyrics that are burned into your *my* broken heart.

Love is a morning bird, a long walk, betrayal, and a quiet storm. It’s a warm hug and the touch of your Skin. The band leaves us with The Safest Place. And you’re just so happy to be somewhere familiar. You hope that it won’t be another 10 years before you get something new from the band. But dissect this, it will hold you over.
I will update with tour dates as soon as I get the word.

Track List 

Soldier of Love track list
The Moon and the Sky – 4:27
Soldier of Love – 5:57
Morning Bird – 3:54
Babyfather – 4:39
Long Hard Road – 3:00
Be That Easy – 3:39
Bring Me Home – 4:06
In Another Time – 5:04
Skin – 4:14
The Safest Place – 2:43

Tour Dates

Don’t Miss These RARE Upcoming Television Appearances by Sade:
2/09 – Today Show 
2/09 – 106 & Park on BET
2/09 – The Late Show with David Letterman
2/10 – The View
2/15 – The Ellen DeGeneres Show
2/16 – Jimmy Kimmel Live
2/20 – The Wanda Sykes Show (appearing in a skit – not performing)
Maxwell, a fellow Sony recording artist, longtime friend and collaborator with Matthewman wrote “Trust me, it’s so monolithic it’ll shake you in your shoes!” 

Beautiful as ever at age 51, Helen Folasade Adu’s daughter, now 13 years old, also sang on the album with the band. The legacy continues…..



3 Responses to “REVIEW: Sade’s Soldier of Love, Tracklists, TV Appearances”

  1. Moya Harris February 10, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    I am loving the CD. It has been a really long time since Sade was on the scene. This CD is vintage and I'll be playing over and over while studying. Thanks for the review, soror!

  2. Boo Boo Kitty February 11, 2010 at 2:20 pm #

    Great review! Sade's new cd is a total eargasm and I am so happy that she is back:-)~Shauna

  3. King Cho's Blog February 13, 2010 at 2:21 am #

    Good review…I listen to her music so much that I feel like I know her personally. I have always loved Sade & her music! I'm glad that she is back to share her music with the rest of the world again! I would love to see her live concert!

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