Sade UPDATE: Soldier of Love Motivation and Track List

20 Jan

Why is she so elusive?
How long did it take to record this album?
What other changes are going on in this incredibly private life?
All these and more answered below…

******N E W       V I D E O******

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Sade has acknowledged the reason why she releases music so infrequently. Soldier of Love, her sixth studio album in a 25-year-career and first since Lovers Rock in 2000, is due February 9. “I only make records when I feel I have something to say,” she says. “I’m not interested in releasing music just for the sake of selling something. Sade is not a brand.”

Soldier of Love track list
The Moon and the Sky – 4:27
Soldier of Love – 5:57
Morning Bird – 3:54
Babyfather – 4:39
Long Hard Road – 3:00
Be That Easy – 3:39
Bring Me Home – 4:06
In Another Time – 5:04
Skin – 4:14
The Safest Place – 2:43

From Sade’s official press release:
“The call went out in 2008 for the group to re-convene at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studio, near Sade’s home in the countryside of southwest England. It was the first time the four principals had met up since the Lovers Rock tour wrapped in 2001. Bassist Paul Denman de-camped from Los Angeles, where he had been managing his teenage son’s punk band, Orange. Guitarist and sax player Stuart Matthewman interrupted his film soundtrack work in New York, and keyboardist Andrew Hale gave up his A&R consultancy.
“In a series of fortnightly sessions at Real World, Sade sketched out the material for a new album which, they all felt, was probably their most ambitious to date. In particular, the sonic layering and martial beats Solider of Love (the title track and current No. 1 song on the Smooth Jazz Top 20) sounded quite different from anything they had previously recorded. According to Hale: “The big question for all of us at the beginning was, did we still want to do this and could we still get along as friends?” The answer soon came back as a passionate affirmative.
“The album was completed in the summer of 2009, mainly at Real World. The feel of the music this time had moved away from the old country soul styling of Lovers Rock and assumed a more eclectic identity. At times the band sounded like the original Sade, with Matthewman back blowing soft sax on ‘In Another Time’ and the vocal on ‘Long Hard Road’ hymning. But with songs such as the joyously quirky reggae chant ‘Babyfather,’ and the dramatically arranged album opener ‘The Moon and the Sky,’ the band were exploring new territory. ‘I never want to repeat myself,’ Sade herself says. ‘And that becomes a more interesting challenge for us the longer we carry on together.’
“Sade and her teenage daughter live in England’s rural Gloucestershire, where Sade now has a new partner. ‘You can only grow as an artist as long as you allow yourself the time to grow as a person,’ she says. ‘We’re all parents, our lives have all moved on. I couldn’t have made Soldier of Love any time before now, and though it’s been a long wait for the fans – and I am sorry about that – I’m incredibly proud of it.’ ”



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