Soulcialite Series ~Better Luck Tomorrow: New Year’s Eve Party

19 Jan

Soulcialite Spotted: New Year’s Eve Celebration

So, like 3 days before New Year’s I called around to confirm that no one had anything planned for the New Year. It was kind of sad. Not that we weren’t popular or didn’t have invitations, but the climate and environment of DC the last few weeks has been kind of hands off on the clubs. Promoters have been in overdrive, but sometimes, people like me aren’t biting.

A call to my homeboy, always down for a party, @FarajiFTW yielded the most results. We figured a hotel party in a nice suite would be the perfect alternative to hundred dollar nights, lines, the weather – threatening snow and rain, and transportation confusion. Sofitel  (506 15th St., NW) was his suggestion.  

Pics from the Hotel Lobby Bar

Clearly three days isn’t enough time to pull together a perfected party.  But with the time that we did have, we made the most of it. The party became the go-to spot for vacationing Spelhouse and the guest list became full of some of the countries most unique and successful young black professionals.
I’m gonna call people out on this. So, Jamille was LATE  for meeting Faraji and Chris for dinner. I had decided to crash and or tag along and eat at the Donovan House Restaurant, Zentan.
These are some of the first pics of the night.Including Faraji’s meal. {Maybe when I have more time, I’ll tell you about our eating experience.}
Only slightly before this, we had set up the room bar. Thanks for everyone that contributed a bottle, mixer, soda, etc. We popped bottles all night.
Lots of friends from school and from DC and from Twitter fell thru. It was the first time that I met @jdantv There’s also a pic of@LivCakes and I  and @NadiBadGirl is my homegirl!

Oh, this is what I wore by the way.
The night featured a male vs. female game of Taboo. I didn’t participate. LOL. But that didn’t stop people from enjoying themselves. The group often erupted into roars!
Meanwhile, I was meeting new folks and enjoying my Malibu and Passion Fruit! I met JDanTV, my friend on twitter. And she tweeted about my cute little stockings.

Nadi kept acting silly.
And the nice, pretty room got a little messy.
Meanwhile, Raj kept taking pictures with pretty girls.
And I kept sipping…til the drink station ended up looking like this:

And people started hiding their faces in shame.
Hiding the evidence @NadiBadGirl
Before getting totally out of control, some of us braved the cold for pics, or puffs of a Newport. {I do not condone smoking – at all}There was the Wii in the bedroom and drinks in the suite!
At one point, I felt my STELLO so much {That means swag to you young whipper snappers} that I had to put my shades on. I was REALLY feeling myself at this point. Forgive me! At least I had an accomplice. LOL. Check my Hello Kitty bling!
The night got foggier and foggier as it went on. Good thing I had a room in the hotel – one of the best decisions I ever made. I remember people getting closer and closer, and perhaps bunned up. I laughed. I spied some kissing and some extra close holding. Oh what a great mood New Years puts you in!

My Girl @LivCakes We are fast friends. I told her it would be trouble, and lots of memories!
My new best friend.
A Pair of Dimes (ahheemmm!)
 The Brothers, the House: Faraji, Mikhia, & Kimathi
What do you know about Di Lambda?
Well, around 4ish, I believe, someone from the hotel came upstairs and told us it was time to shut it down…I can’t blame him. I hobbled over to my room, chugged the Fiji water I brought to save my life, and eventually, found my way into bed. It was an amazing night.

Happy New Year! {3 weeks late}


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