Official Music Video: Soldier of Love

11 Jan

U P D A T E 
(This post is updated to reflect the video below- reposted and includes tour dates)

Sade is expected to promote the new album in Europe in March, then, in the United States in April and May, according to reports. More details are to be announced in the coming weeks and I’ll have them right here for you.  

Like, I could actually write about this video. But where would I begin. On the humble, I found out the video was being released. Thank goodness for google alerts.

Mama Sade worked really hard on this video. I haven’t seen her this active in years. My favorite parts of the video include a lasso wielding Sade and images of her riding a wild white horse. The soldier theme is carried out by a team of revolutionary (think Public Enemy) dancers with a Black Greek step team feel.

It’s just so good to see her. Watch the official video on


UPDATE: Check out this CASAMENA Basement Edit of Soldier of Love
11 minutes of pure bliss. If you’re a fan of the song,you’ll love this. And if you’re not a fan, this might work for you too. 


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