Before He Was DRAKE

6 Jan

As we are mostly all familiar, before he became the MOST SOUGHT AFTER RAPPER, who did with without a deal, Aubrey Drake Graham starred on DeGrassi The Next Generation as Jimmy Brooks. Well, I’ve been fascinated how such a seeming clean-cut young man could spit some of the most racy, rauncy, sexy, and often misogynistic lyrics (let’s not even talk about his You’re the BReAst video)

I’ll be brief, but 50 Cent called Drake’s promotion and demeanor into question. Think about it, wouldn’t a clean cut former Degrassi rapper go further than a raunchy LilWayne affiliated goon. In the end, I guess it works out it. Drake is on top of the world. I can’t really see anyone who has literally changed the game, like he has.

But watch the video, tell me what you think about Drake. Is he the truth? Can you be with roots like these? Just a question.  


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