11 Dec
Another sad story of domestic violence, miscommunication, and bad choices.
Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Terrell Suggs is the latest athlete caught up amid scandal and violence. Today Suggs is scheduled to face a judge in a 1:30pm hearing on his violent behavior- the type seemingly more prevalent among athletes. He is not required to attend.  Last week, Suggs’ live in girlfriend, and mother of his children, Candace Williams, sought a protective order against him over an incident that occurred at their home.

Williams alleges that on Nov. 3, Suggs, 27, struck her in the face – breaking her nose – and threatened to kill her. She also claims that on Nov. 29, Suggs threatened to drown her with bleach “and did in fact pour chemical bleach on [her] entire body as she was forced to stay on the ground.” It was for that alleged incident that she sought a restraining order.(source: Baltimore Sun)

Suggs has not be charged with a crime, but physical evidence presented by Williams was enough for the judge to grant a restraining order. Candace Williams also seeks $70 damages from him from the incident, also according to the courtpapers, in compensatory and punitive damages. Candace Williams does not receive child support, but is arguing for that as well as protective custody of their children. She believes Suggs’ $20 million dollar a year salary can cover their expenses.
Communication was sighted as a contributing factor to the decline in this relationship.  Candace said Terrell’s violent tendencies made communication about their children, impossible. Oh, we hear it over and over and over again. From friends, to celebrities, ‘our friends in our heads,’ ill communication can ruin a relationship.
Making Bad Choices
Terrell has been able to communicate effectively with someone! A source close to me drop a tidbit that won’t help Sugg’s growing image problem before the courts. In their equal quest for glory and fame, Terrell Suggs is currently canoodling with Bad Gir’s Club vixen Ailea Carr.
Carr had a notoriously bad attitude on the show, reaping havoc and becoming the subject of hate from the shows fans and the blogosphere. This chick is crazy! She’s responsible for driving and manipulating most of the season’s conflict. People were very happy to see her go. Her Bad Girls comments page is riddled with insults.
Their relationship started this summer when Suggs and Carr met at the footballers’ Celebrity tournament weekend. Already she’s copped a trip to Puerto Rico for her and her girl, and a visit when the Ravens played the Patriots.

Carr and friends actively bragged about her newfound relationship, often referring to Suggs on her facebook page as Sizzle. The Ravens play Detroit on Sunday, and “Sizzle” might sit this one out too. He’s been injured for a few weeks. I wonder will this affect Carr’s love struck glances.

With all eyes on Tiger these days, another athlete cheating is no big deal. What bothers me is the domestic violence, and the flippant way it’s handled or even accepted by the everyday person. What Terrell Suggs is accused of is a serious crime. But it’s the indication of so much more. Shame on him for acting a fool. Shame of this bad girl who is apparently as crazy as he is to accept this type of behavior. I wonder how long till she pulls a Tila Tequila. This fame thing is getting out of hand.

One Response to “I JUST HAD TO CALL HIM OUT”

  1. Anonymous February 11, 2010 at 11:18 pm #

    Where is she now though cause from what the news says their reconciling and ive seen them together he even introduced her as his fiancée while vacationing in Florida at Disney world with their kid's

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