Music Monday: Alicia Keys, Melanie Fiona, Asher Roth featuring Keri Hilson, Idle Warship

7 Dec

MUSIC MONDAY featuring Alicia Keys Track listing and release date,  VIDEOS: Melanie Fiona, Asher Roth featuring Keri Hilson, and Idle Warship

I’ve given Alicia Keys’ new album, Elements of Freedom a once over, and I can’t say that I’m overly impressed. Maybe it’s the mess with Swizz that’s got me a little salty; maybe it’s the slow ballads, maybe it’s the fact that I never buy into the hype about any artist (yes, I know AKeys is the truth). No disrespect, A Keys is talented musician and entertainer. I have much love for her and I’m sure the album will grow on me.

Alicia KeysElement Of Freedom
Release Date: 14 December 2009
This fourth album from the immensely popular RnB singer, songwriter and pianist follows 2007’s ‘As I Am‘. Featuring a diverse collection of moods ranging from the edgy to the vulnerable and based around the theme of freedom, it sees Keys’ virtuoso piano work sitting in amongst an eclectic mix of styles including retro soul and modern RnB. Includes the single ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’ and a follow-up to the Jay-Z track ‘Empire State Of Mind‘ from his 2009 album ‘The Blueprint Vol.3’, on which Keys featured.

Melanie Fiona is a singer that I am very excited about. Here video is out, and while it might be old. I’m definitely feeling it. Checking for her new stuff now. I did a previous post on Melanie featuring some free music for download. You should check that out {here}



Asher Roth – She Don’t Wanna Man feat. Keri Hilson (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Video Removed

Clearly you know I’m really feeling this song. I never thought a white boy would be able to write my personal anthem. A great party song. Thanks Asher & Keri

 IDLE WARSHIP (Res, Graph Nobel & Talib Kweli) Single: Bedroom Lights

Download the Idle Warship Mixtape {here

Bedroom Lights {here}

I came to be familiar with Res (pronounced Reese) from the show that I covered previously on the blog, you should check that post out {HERE}

From Res’ website On Idle Warship

“I started a group with Talib Kweli and then we added Graph Nobel,” Res says of the genesis of Idle Warship. Their music melds the rapping of Kweli with the singing of Res and Nobel peppered in. Idle Warship took the 2008 SXSW by storm, making their official debut with an unlikely paired fanbase of Rock and Hip-Hop heads.


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