Gillette and Rolling Out Present: MEN OF STYLE AWARDS – DC

2 Dec
The Best a Man Can Get
What about the Ladies? Just joking. Soulcialite does Business at the Gillette and Rolling Out
Men of Style Awards, November 2009
I had the pleasure of attending the Gillette Man of Style Awards Co-hosted by Rolling Out Magazine. This event was the DC installment of a tour that is making it’s way across country. Farnsworth Bentley was the celebrity host and DC’s WKYS Jeanie Jones added local flavor as the awards highlighted local barbers as well as eight ambassadors of good grooming and great style in Washington. Gillette used their well established and on point tagline, “The Best A Man Could Get” as the criteria for selecting honorees. The same standard was used to select the host barbershop, Cuts Unlimited, whose proprietors are Katrina Tuck and Trent Horton.

Men of Style honorees: CNN contributor Roland Martin, Fox TV anchor Kelly Wright, Fashion designer Everett Hall, TV/Radio personality Big Tigg, Celebrity event planner Andre Wells, DC Councilman Kwame Brown, DC W Hotel manager Ed Baten, and Attorney/Businessman Michael Melton.

DC Stars and local celebrites, as well as footplayers (Fred Smoot), artists on the come-up (Que of Day 26) and well, the aspiring models. Side note: I came from WORK, meaning, I had on a suit. But for a 6pm arrival, where do these young girls come from wearing skin tight shiny materials. I mean, you must not have a job, because well, even I didn’t have a change of clothes. Give me a break. Sorry, small rant.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 Gillette will conclude it’s DC visit with an event at Cuts Unlimited Barber Salon 3301 Donnell Drive, District Heights, MD. More info and flyer below, but generally: Professional shaves compliments of Gillette Fusion, barber and dermatologist advice on sensitive skin. And Cheerleaders for the gents.

The night is always good when I meet up with friends and even meet some new people. As always, my media and PR friends were in the place.
Me with @TYoungPR and @CandiceNicolePR
My girls from our Ski Trip, now we kick it everywhere.
Me with @WHWRocks ~ April Watts of Maximum Watts
Me with Pharoh Talib of @TheSmugger
Men, check for that Style site.
Me & Pharoh go back to streetz magazine & cada vez DMV industry parties; long time and good peoples, but I can’t seem to figure out why he’s mean mugging!
The Media Scene downstairs.
The Media Scene upstairs
You know me, I play the back.
I got a chance to meet Farnsworth Bentley. We connected over our SpelHouse experience. Cool dude. He kicked it at Bar Louie, upon my suggestion of course, and then hit Monday Night at Marvins, where I heard the party was bananas, where a friend of mine told me he went home with only one shoe. Not Bentley of course, he had all of his shoes.

Hosts Farnsworth with Jeanie Jones, and the always dapper, Mr. Kenny Burns (touch yo-self!)

Now on to the professional pics. Squint, Wire Image doesn’t let the pics get any bigger than this (LOL)

Kenny Burns and Munson Steed, Rolling Out Publisher and Thought Producer
Melody Harris, Farnsworth Bentley and 2009 Miss Maryland Nicole Almodovar

Celebrity Event Planner, Mr. Andre Wells
(I wanna be big time like him one day)
Fox TV anchor Kelly Wright gets a shave at the 2009 Gillette Fusion Men of Style Awards
DC Councilman Kwame Brown receives an award at Gillette Fusion Men of Style
Space is limited. Register and get more details at:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 at Cuts Unlimited
The evening will include:
Professional shaves compliments of Gillette Fusion
Barber and dermatologist advice on sensitive and reducing razor bumps
Music by one of the city’s top DJ’s
Surprise celebrity guest
Gillette Fusion MVP cheerleaders


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